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Monday, July 11, 2016

Good Morning Everyone!
So recently I may have purchased quite a few nail varnishes from Accessorize when they had a huge sale on. I just couldn't resist! One day I bought three, the next day I bought another seventeen; oops. However, this was a perfect opportunity to show you guys what colour nail varnishes Accessorize sell and the quality of them! To be completely honest, I was surprised with the quality of these nail varnishes and the amount of coverage I got from just one coat. These nail varnishes originally cost £5 each and I purchased them with 70% off for £1.50 each which was a huge saving for an individual nail varnish.

So here we go;
Unfortunately the light was washing the first two colours which was rather frustrating. However, ignoring the dark backgrounds, they are now true to their shade! This first red shade is the shade "Raspberry Jam" the cutest name in the world. This is a very bright red, however it is a blue-toned red which makes it that little bit more prettier than a usual red nail varnish. I personally prefer blue toned reds so when I saw this, I was very excited and couldn't keep my hands off it! I swatched every nail varnish to see how they came out and this one doesn't come out streaky and you only need one coat of nail varnish to have beautiful looking nails!
This shade is called "Cherry Bomb" the rather deep shade of red which does truly represent a very dark ripened cherry. My mum absolutely loves having red nails, it's her favourite colour and I'm pretty sure if she could own every red nail varnish, she probably would. So this was a no brainer, we had to pick it up! This shade would be absolutely perfect for Autumn and makes me feel all fuzzy inside just thinking about it! - It's the little things that make you happy. As all of the Accessorize nail varnishes, they are very true to their colour in the bottle, they only require one coat of nail varnish and then you are good to go!
Although blue is my favourite colour, I do love wearing pink on my nails! This is another beautiful shade and is called "Macaroon". This looks like quite a coral shade but not too orangey which I really like and this is so perfect for Spring and Summer when all the pretty flowers are coming into bloom! I would wear this every day, every week, every month but I always get fed up of wearing the same colour on my nails! I highly recommend this shade, as well as all of the others because the colours are wonderful. Accessorize has done an amazing job with their shades.
Now, a beautiful baby pink! Every girl will have a baby pink in their nail varnish collection at some point in their life. This is in the shade "Bubble Gum" which is just another great name for a great nail varnish! I would honestly wear this colour all year round but it is a lovely shade for the Spring and Summer seasons when you want to wear a bright nail varnish instead of the dark and gloomy ones! I think this would look great with the nail varnish called "Party Dress" on the ring finger, just to give it a bit of glitter. These nail varnishes aren't a runny consistency so they apply an even coat and to be honest, you won't need a second coat with any of these nail varnishes, they're that great.
This shade looks quite grey but I promise this isn't! It's in the shade "LaLaLa Lilac" and is a beautiful pastel, pale lilac which is so difficult to tell through this picture! I'm not usually a purple fan but you can't really call this nail varnish purple. It's pastel, it's pretty and it makes you nails look very pristine. I recommend this nail varnish if you love pastel shades because the quality of it, is inc-red-ible! I am amazed with how good these nail varnishes are.
We just need to take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this nail varnish is! Oh my god! Aqua blue, pale blue, blue in general is my favourite and this reminds me of a beautiful mermaids tail and I LOVE it. This beautiful glittery aqua blue/teal is in the shade "Forever Emerald" Not 100% why emerald as they're dark green but hey ho! I love this. It comes out a transparent nail varnish with lots of glittery blue circles but it's gorgeous anyway and perfect to throw on top of another nail varnish. I love it, you should try it out!
This nail varnish is also absolutely gorgeous. I'm wearing this right now as I write this post and it's also a transparent nail varnish with pink tiny hexagon pieces of glitter and then teeny tiny circles of blue glitter. I am wearing this on top of a grey nail varnish and I have had so many compliments about my nails whilst working. This is one of my new favourite glitter nail varnishes and I can't get enough of it! This is in the shade "Party Dress".
It's very hard to tell what colour this nail varnish is unless you try it out! However, it is a very dark red shade. Just imagine the darkest cherries you can find; that's what colour this is. For any clues, it is also in the shade "Dark Cherry". This is another nail varnish which will look absolutely beautiful in Autumn when everything is dark and gloomy and all the leaves are going brown and crispy and this will just look amazing and so in season! I love this, however I probably won't be wearing it till Autumn (although it's not like it's summer in England right now).
Accessorize have done it again with the beautiful shimmery nail varnishes! This shimmery dark green/blue sea like shade is called "Teale Next Time" which is just such a sweet name. I very rarely wear dark nail varnishes because I'm such a pale person but I really love this for some reason. I feel like this shade would be absolutely perfect for Halloween because it's so dark and mysterious but I don't know, I'll try it closer to Autumn/Halloween season and see how it looks on my pale skin!
This gorgeous blue isn't quite an Electric Blue but it's still just as wonderful. This in the shade "Blue Suede Shoes" and honestly, how great are these names?! I'd love to create my own nail varnishes and name them, it would be such an amazing experience and probably a lot of fun too! This is one of my favourite nail varnishes out of all of them. I love how it's not too bright like some electric blues are, but it still gives a lot of pop when you're wearing it. Also another one which isn't streaky and only needs one coat to have a beautiful set of nails! You guys needs to buy this one, it's fab!
If you want to know what my favourite colour blues are, the two above are. They are so different but so gorgeous and I love them. This paler shade is called "Sugar Blue". I really love this, and usually with pale nail varnishes, the quality usually isn't that great compared to the darker shades. However, I tried this out to see how it looks and I was surprised! It gave such a beautiful coat of polish and it would have only needed one coat too! I was very impressed. This will one day most likely soon, be featuring in a favourites because I love it that much.
This pastel blue is in the shade "Heavenly" and well, it is heavenly. It's perfect! I weren't too sure about this nail varnish when picking it up, because I had a feeling it would need a lot of coats to not come out streaky and very thin. However, I was wrong! It's just like all of the rest and it comes out beautiful for just one coat. I am so impressed with the Accessorize nail varnishes and I'll happily be purchasing more if they bring out any other shades!
I can't quite decide if this is my true favourite out of them all but it is very close! This beautiful colour is in the shade "Almond". I really love this and even my boyfriend liked it! It's a very cool toned nail varnish. It's not quite brown but it's not quite grey and it's one of them colours which you will never see anywhere else. I think this would look beautiful with a glittery silver shimmer nail varnish on top, or even the shade "Savannah" which you will see further below. But overall, I love this. It's definitely a favourite and I only need to apply on coat to have a beautiful set of nails!
The only purple shade they sell is in the shade "Orchid" and I actually really like this. I'm not usually a fan of purple but this is very pretty as it's a very pinky toned purple. I tried this and to be completely honest, I think this will look so much nicer on pale skin and right now I'm quite tanned after being on holiday. So I am going to try this out when I am pale again and see how I like it! Otherwise I'll be gifting this to my mum as I'm sure she'll love it. It's a beautiful shade however and this one is quite a thick nail varnish compared to the rest which is odd but it still gives a great coat of varnish even just after one layer!
This beautiful pastel coral/peachy shade is called "Ballet Shoe" which I guess is the best way to describe this colour. The perfect shade for a ballet shoe. I love this shade and I have never seen any other colour like this one. I currently have a tan so this looks absolutely stunning and quite "professional" when I have this on. However, I'm pretty sure it will look great when my skin is as white as paper again when I no longer have a tan. Another massive favourite of mine and I highly recommend this shade!
Now we have your nude shade, called "In the Nude". I put this on straight after my holiday and it nearly blended in with the colour of my skin. It is definitely one of them nail varnishes that you could wear to school and probably get away with. I wish I had this when I was at school. I really like this because it's natural and if you're not supposed to be wearing nail varnish then you could get away with it if people weren't very observant around you. It's very flattering and gives a great coat of nail varnish in just one coat. I recommend this to any of you guys who are in school!
Now this is your typical top coat nail varnish which helps your nail varnish to last a lot longer than what it would if you didn't apply top coat! I haven't learnt the hard way with top coats and I never used to use it. However, that meant changing my nail polish every few days because my nails had chipped a lot. If you do what I used to do, buy a nail varnish and grab this one! It is great and helps the nail varnish to last a longer. As you can see in the picture, my thumb nail has chipped and I hadn't applied top coat so I changed my nail varnish shade the next day. Use top coat, the best piece of advice when using nail varnishes!
Who doesn't love a mint green nail varnish? This is in the shade "Breezy". I really like this because it's so different to the rest of the mint green nail varnishes which I already own. This one is a lot more brighter compared to the others and it isn't the typical pastel mint green which you would usually find. This brings a lot of brightness to your nails and I love the way it looks with either a tan or very pale skin (which is what I usually am). This will one of them shades which will stand out in my nail varnish collection and no doubt appear in a monthly favourites. It's beautiful and so different.
How beautiful is this glitter nail varnish?! This is in the shade "Savannah". It's a gorgeous coppery glitter with a transparent nail varnish which looks perfect on top of other nail varnishes to give that pop of glammer. I really loved this on top of the shade shown above and I think it would look perfect on top of many other shades too. If you haven't got a nail varnish like this in your collection then I highly recommend it because it makes so many different colours look that little bit better by having some glitter either on every nail or just the ring finger. I love this, and you should love it too!
If you couldn't tell, this is the nail varnish which I was wearing while taking these pictures! It is absolutely stunning and I would now say this is 100% my favourite out of them all. It is in the shade "Bronze Leaf" and it absolutely stunning. This is very flattering on the nails, and a very pretty shade! I wouldn't say it's a bronze colour, however it does look gorgeous with a tan with the shimmer running through it. I paired this with the "Savannah" glitter nail varnish and I was amazed by how gorgeous my nails looked but I didn't put top coat on so they chipped quite easily. Although I highly recommend this nail varnish because it's just so amazingly beautiful, you only need one coat of this and is the perfect shade for summer if you don't want anything too bright.

I hope you enjoyed finding out what nail varnishes Accessorize sell. I never knew they sold these so I was very excited when I spotted them in the sale.
Let me know what your favourite shade was out of all of them!

Thank you for reading.

Kimberley Jessica.

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