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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Good Morning Everyone!
I am so so so excited to be writing this post and sharing some of my memories of Cyprus with you!
If you haven't read some of my previous posts, I went on my first holiday abroad with my boyfriend in June to Paphos, Cyprus.
I was extremely nervous about going on my first ever flight but it went fine and once we weren't ascending anymore, I was completely relaxed. I squeezed my boyfriend's hand when we were taking off and landing, and I sucked on around 5 Werther's Originals while waiting for the plane to take off so these were definitely not going in my bag when flying home.
We spent 12 days in Paphos in total and we stayed at the Avanti Hotel which is also part of the Avanti Village. Overall I was very impressed with my first stay at a hotel, the staff were extremely polite and friendly and there was fantastic activities running throughout each day were many people took part. One thing I absolutely loved about our holiday was being able to lounge by this beautiful pool all day. However, the pool was so hot, it was like jumping into a giant bath; this was beautiful but quite frustrating when you were very hot anyway. The indoor pool was just as beautiful but absolutely freezing, however it weren't too bad when you sat at the edge for a few minutes before getting in just so your body temperature adjusts to the coldness.
One beautiful aspect of the hotel was this beautiful waterfall which sat next to the pool and pool bar. We visited the pool bar nearly every day. The make the most beautiful club sandwiches in the world and eating a club sandwich while sitting next to a beautiful picturesque waterfall was like sitting in heaven. If only I could have one of these in my back garden; I would never be in my house!
Have I mentioned the amazing waterfall in the swimming pool? This was incredible! It was like having an amazing back massage, without having someone actually massage you. The feeling was indescribable and it was quite fun taking pictures in this too! We took so many, I'd need a photo album to put them all into.
We had many yummy dinners while away in Cyprus. My favourite place was "Tea for Two" which was opposite our hotel or there was one at the harbour. They had the most amazing meals for such a low price and the deserts were beautiful too. On one day we adventured to the shopping mall and then walked back to the harbour to get a KFC and this was possibly the worst idea we had during our whole holiday. Feeling absolutely exhausted from heat, wanting to jump into the sea to cool down but instead eating a very hot meal in temperature which was also very hot in spiciness was not ideal and it was dreadful. As much as I enjoyed the fact we could have a KFC in a different country, and also have the most beautiful view; this was not the best day for a very hot meal. Plus, they don't sell Krushems?! I couldn't believe it.
I think this picture was taken on one of our first nights in Paphos where we had the most beautiful walk down to the harbour and saw the Paphos Castle. This place is absolutely stunning. I have no idea what it looks like from the inside but the outside was incredible and I could look at this picture all day. It was surrounded by the most beautiful blue sea and a broken wall which must have stood round it at some point back in the years but wouldn't you just love to see something like this where you live? I personally would.
Obviously I live in England and the one thing I don't get to see every day is palm trees so I definitely took advantage of this. I loved our evening walks down to the harbour and then back to our hotel again. Although I broke my foot while on holiday and the walks absolutely killed me, I still enjoyed being able to walk past the palm trees to take some wonderful pictures of them so I could hold the memory with me for a long time.
This was another beautiful picture I captured of the palm trees but with the sea in the evening. I am very tempted to make some of the pictures I took into canvas' for when I have my own house. I think they would make wonderful pictures to hang on the wall but also a great way of remembering such a wonderful holiday, but also my first holiday with the person I love.

We spent one evening just enjoying ourselves and taking pictures and we both took some brilliant shots that I just had to share with you! I absolutely love the ones I have picked out and some of these would also look perfect on a canvas or in a frame for the wall.
I had the most wonderful holiday and if you're ever thinking about going abroad but you're not sure on where to go, I really suggest checking out Avanti Hotel in Paphos. Although I didn't go to the Olympic Lagoon Hotel, this also looks like a fantastic hotel to visit, I saw quite a lot of weddings here and it looked absolutely beautiful.

Something I would love to do is visit other hotels in Paphos, especially ones next to the beach just t experience something different. As well as this, next time I will try not to break my foot and it would be fun to go cite seeing around Paphos and see different places where we're not able to walk too.
I surprisingly really enjoyed our flight home, although we did have to spend the whole four hours with our seat belts on. There must have been some issues and it weren't exactly the smoothest flight but it was really fun and it was definitely an experience being able to sit next to the window because this girl decided she would go sit with her boyfriend as he had a free seat next to him, what a result!
There was also someone on our flight with a nut allergy so I weren't able to eat my chocolate or my hobnobs which I specifically bought for the flight, I was so gutted!

If you're interested in seeing more pictures from my holiday, make sure to check out my Instagram; @kimmcpherson_

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I won't bite.

Thank you for reading

Kimberley Jessica

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  1. You've had such an amazing holidays! Thanks for sharing your happiness with us! May I ask you about prices? I've read here that the cheapest time to go to Cyprus is winter, followed by early spring and late autumn. But what about summer? My budget is quite limited, but Cyprus is truly the place of my dream. I'm trying to choose the best possible option for me, especially taking into account my limited finances.


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