Twelve Summer Nail Varnishes

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Good Morning!
I absolutely love nail varnishes and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to recommend my favourite nail varnishes perfect for the summer. I found it so difficult picking only ten, so I have picked twelve for you! These are very affordable nail varnishes which you can pick up in the drug store so they're perfect for everyone!

So let's get too it;
I have featured this nail varnish in my June favourites and it's still my favourite now. This nail varnish is from Miss Sporty and is the most perfect brightest pink which you can wear for summer. I love how long this nail varnish lasts; I wore it up to 10 days with no chipping when I was away in Cyprus. So this is the perfect nail varnish for being away on holiday.
Blue is my favourite colour and this beautiful sky blue is perfect for the spring and summer months. It's bright but not dark and is a wonderful colour to wear when the skies are blue with no clouds around! This nail varnish is by +RimmelLondon as part of the 60 seconds range. It is in the shade 842 - Too Cool To Tango. You only need one coat of this nail varnish to have a perfect coverage with no streaks!
NYC is one of my favourite brands for nail varnish and this colour is gorgeous for all year round. A bright red can brighten anyone's day and with a nail varnish being long lasting and high coverage with only one coat, what more could you want? This is in the shade 045 - Love Never Dies which is such a great name for the shade. This will be perfect for anyone who loves having red nails.
Everyone needs a nude in their nail varnish collection and +Accessorize has the most amazing nude varnish you'll ever need. This is in the shade 31 - Almond and is such a gorgeous colour. I never used to like natural nail varnishes as I thought they made my nails look very stubby. But they can make your nails look very pristine and professional when they're not too bright in your face. I really like Accessorize nail varnishes and they're definitely worth the money.
Rimmel London bring out some beautiful colours in their nail varnish collections and I can't help but include this aqua shimmery shade. If you don't want a pastel blue colour then this one will be the shade for you! It's not too pale but it's not too dark and it makes your nails look beautiful with just one coat of nail varnish! Rimmel London are definitely my favourite nail varnishes of all because they're value for money and you only need one coat! They last a long time too.
Oops, another Rimmel London nail varnish! You can't have a summer nail collection without a coral shade somewhere within it. Some people really don't like wearing pink on their nails so this shade is great if you're one of them people. Coral shades aren't too orange, but they're not too pink either. They can be very pale but bright at the same time. The perfect shade to wear with a beautiful floral dress in the summer when the sun is out! One of my favourite colours to wear on my nails.
This is a +Primark nail varnish which I picked up before they changed their collections over to P.S. I really enjoy buying Primark nail varnishes because they're value for money but the quality of them is so amazing for roughly 80p-£1. This blue is a gorgeous shade if you're looking for bright nails which are going to stand out. I really think this nail varnish would be perfect for a festival or some sort of concert. One of my favourite shades of blue which would also be perfect for Spring and Autumn.
London Girl isn't a nail varnish you can pick up in the drug store, but it is a brand which is easy to pick up online. I really like these nail varnishes because they're not something that everyone looks for. They are bright, they are in your face and they stand out so much but that's a quality I really enjoy about wearing nail varnish because it's something that expresses my personality. I love this shade of pink and it's number 86 in their collection. London Girl nail varnishes are also great quality because you only need one coat to have a thick, non streaky coat of varnish!
Just another NYC nail varnish. This shade isn't for everyone; lime green! I found this, and it some how stood out to me even though green isn't one of my favourite colours. I really thought this would be great for summer because it's bright and reminds me of leaves and grass. This would also be great for Spring too. This is in the shade 011 - Anise Green. Another gorgeous nail varnish for summer and the festival season.
As I mentioned above, London Girl have some gorgeous bright shades in their collection and this orange is one of them. I cannot go a summer without having orange on my nails because it is definitely that one colour that stands out the most. This is the shade 101 in their collection which can most likely be picked up on the internet.
Some of you may be familiar with this brand, it is indeed from Poundland but the quality of their nail varnishes from the Makeup Forever range is crazy! I love this yellow nail varnish because it reminds me so much of sun and sand. Yellow shades are perfect for Spring and Summer, even in Winter if you want to feel a bit summery in the cold. This nail varnish costs only a £1 and is in the shade "Sunshine Yellow - 22". I know a lot of people who have tried out the Poundland makeup haven't liked the quality of the products, but try out the nail varnishes and you will not be disappointed!
My last summer nail varnish is another Rimmel London 60 seconds and this is in the shade 230 - Portobello Pink. This has been mentioned on my instagram quite a few times and I just adore the shades that go through this nail varnish because it's not just pink. It's glittery and beautiful and definitely a barbie pink. Another Rimmel London varnish which gives a gorgeous layer with no streaks from just one coat! What more could you want?

Let me know what your Summer Nail Varnishes are!
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