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Thursday, September 08, 2016

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So, I wanted to create a little monthly series where I look back on my outcomes and thoughts of each month. A way of creating memories both in my personal life, and through my blog. August has been filled with many happy memories, stressful memories and it's been fairly emotional too; but I guess that's life. However, throughout August my blog has done very well and I couldn't be more proud of it. I feel like a proud Mummy. I've put a lot of time and effort into my blog this month as I've had so much spare time on my hands while having a fractured foot. But like they say, the more effort you put in, the more you get out and this has definitely been the case.

So throughout August I was aiming to increase my followers on Twitter to 800. I had been stuck on 734 roughly for months on end, and I was getting quite sick of seeing the number to be fairly honest. However, today is 31st August and my current stat on twitter is 1,130 followers. Definitely not 800 like I was expecting. Throughout August I have been involved in a variety of twitter chat and to be honest, I have been loving them! I have spoken to some wonderful girls, and boys through communicating on twitter through all the different chats. From this, my blog has also grown.

Although my blog views have been on the rise since May when I started blogging more consistently, August has definitely been the Month where my blog views have increased by a dramatic amount. My page views of all time at the beginning of July was on around 5000-6000 (I can't remember the exact amount). My goal for August was to gain 8000 all time page views. It's now the end of August and my current stat is 17,117 which is absolutely insane! Proud is definitely an understatement.

My Bloglovin has also been on the rise this month. I started off at 10 followers, I hardly used Bloglovin before August and I hardly promoted my blog too. So I had the smallest goal of hitting 25 followers! Today my Bloglovin is currently on 88 followers, crazy, I know! I never would have thought I would grow my blog this quickly in such a small space of time.

A lot has happened in my personal life throughout August however everything happens for a reason! Although, my foot being fractured doesn't have a reason behind it, I don't think!
As you may know, I went abroad to Paphos, Cyprus in June and unfortunately I managed to fracture my foot from simply walking funny. Due to this, I was unable to go back to my part time job at the Primary School and I was unable to continue my job after two weeks at the Cinema because my foot ended up in a horrible cast. Luckily, I was able to cut my cast off after a week so I didn't have to spend 5 weeks unable to drive, but I still needed to leave time for my foot to heal.
It's the end of August and my foot has healed! I sometimes have a sharp pain shooting through my foot where I fractured it, but other than that, I don't have an issue with it at all. I can't believe how quickly it healed!

On the other hand, I left my job at the Cinema in the process. I wrote a post all about choosing happiness over a part time job which you can find here. However, I am so glad I made this decision! I am so happier now that I have left this job.

An outcome throughout August was telling my mum and my boyfriend about my blog. Although I officially created my blog in July 2014, I still hadn't told anyone about my blog until last week, which is absolutely crazy but I just didn't know how they would react. As part of this, myself and two other bloggers created #TheComingOutTag which is a tag for bloggers to create their own story, using the questions which we provided. It's a place where bloggers can open about their blogging experience, how long it took them to come out to their close friends and family and the effect this had on them. If you'd like to write your own story, use the hashtag and we'd love to share it with the blogger community.

What's your thoughts of the month of August, did anything happen in your personal life or to your blog which you're proud of?

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I'll see you very soon

Kimberley Jessica

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  1. Sorry you had a little bit of a tough August! For me, August was a bit monotone. I had been on a health kick for a few months back and really fell off track pretty bad in August. Here's to next month being better for both of us!

  2. Well done! Your blog achievements are fantastic. Keep it up you're doing brilliantly :) X


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