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Sunday, September 18, 2016

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Another nail varnish post! Are you excited?!
So I featured my twelve summer nail varnishes rather recently, and now it's practically Autumn, I can't help but paint my nails dark shades for the season! Nail varnish is very close to my heart, not only does it stop me from biting my nails, but it also makes me feel like myself. It express my personality and it's an aspect that I get many many compliments on where ever I go.

I am definitely one of those girls who loves a bright and bold nail varnish on, it stands out and looks good and that's one great aspect of Autumn nail varnishes! However I do love a bright Summer colour.

So let's get too it;
I have absolutely no idea what this brand is however if anyone does, I would love to know! My aunty gave myself and my mum loads of nail varnishes because she's now into acrylics and I definitely fell in love with this shade. I'm not usually a fan of purple however, with the blue running through this nail varnish, it makes it the perfect Autumn shade! I love how deep and mysterious this is, however it is also a fairly bright nail varnish which stands out! Definitely something I look for in a nail varnish. It only needs one coat to have a beautiful layer and it isn't one which chips straight away either!
This is my only Barry M nail varnish which I can't believe! But I do love the quality of this. It's another nail varnish which I was given by my Aunty and it's definitely not a colour I would have reached for, however I just love it so much! It's definitely a dark shade, and with very pale skin, it makes me look even more pale than what I actually am. Barry M nail varnishes dry very quickly and the quality of them is amazing too! This unfortunately doesn't have a shade number or name on it.
I featured Primark's matte nail varnish in the pink shade in my August favourites and I absolutely love the grey shade as well. This is a perfect matte shade for Autumn as it's so much darker than what is shows in the bottle. These nail varnishes are only £1.50 from Primark, they dry in seconds and they only need one coat too for a high coverage, thick coat! This will definitely be my go to matte nail varnish throughout Autumn.
I absolutely love wearing this nail varnish throughout Autumn and it's been one of my go-to's for years! This is part of the NYC Foil explosion range in the shade "012 - Enchanting Fire". This is a mixture between a pink and a purple metallic but with lines of silver running through it. I don't know what it is about this Nail Varnish however it reminds me so much of Autumn. I currently have this on in the picture, so you an see the true shade of it. It only needs one coat, the layer has no streaks running through it and it definitely doesn't chip easily either.
A couple of months ago I shared my Accessorize Nail varnish haul and this gorgeous deep red was included in it. This is in the shade "16  - Black Cherry" and it's definitely the perfect shade for a deep dark black cherry. It's more of a black shade than what it is red and it's absolutely gorgeous for the darker seasons with all of the Autumn shades running through the crispy leaves on the ground. I feel like this nail varnish would also be perfect for the Halloween season and Bonfire night too. I personally will be wearing this throughout both Autumn and Winter.
This is another nail varnish from the brand "Nail Polish" I have absolutely no idea what this brand is, it was another one given to me by my Aunty. I absolutely love this shade, it's a mixture between an orangey gold and copper but it's so perfect for Autumn and this definitely is the colour of crispy leaves before the turn brown. One of my favourite nail varnishes and definitely one for the Autumn season! Just like the purple shade, it's a great coverage from just one coat, it doesn't chip easily and it's not streaky either.
Oops, another Primark matte nail varnish! I love this one as it is a pure matte black. It's not streaky, it's a thick coat from only one coat, and it's not streaky either. I love the way this nail varnish looks and it doesn't chip easily either! I will be wearing this throughout both Autumn and Winter and it will be perfect for Halloween! Or even bonfire night with nail art design on as fireworks! You could create so many designs using this!
Another Accessorize nail varnish! This one is in the shade "50 - Teale Next Time". I love this so much. It's a green/blue shade and slightly metallic but it reminds me so much of a mermaids tail for some reason! Or maybe the sea.. I think it's absolutely gorgeous. Autumn is the season for deep and dark nails and this one fits right into that category. I picked this up when it was 70% off, however for the full price of £5, I definitely think it is worth it.
Didn't realise I had another Primark nail varnish, however this is from their Gel Effect range. I really enjoy using their Gel effect nail varnishes. They have great coverage from just one coat just like their matte nail varnishes however they're so thick too! I have only two of their gel effect nail varnishes and this one is perfect for Autumn. Sometimes I like to go for a simple grey nail and I feel like Autumn is the best season to do this. You could also create some beautiful nail art designs using this nail varnish as the base! It lasts a long time before chipping and it's beautiful too.
As you may know if you have read my Summer nail varnish post, you'll know that I absolutely love Rimmel London Nail Varnishes. This one is in the shade "280 - Pure Silver" and it's true to what they've called it, it is the perfect silver shade. This nail varnish by Rimmel London is probably the one nail varnish from them which has lasted the longest without chipping! It is absolutely brilliant! However, it is from the Lasting Finish Pro range so I'm not even surprised! Rimmel London never fail when it comes to their nail varnishes and I love this one for Autumn!
Last but not least is a nail varnish from MUA. I used to absolutely love this brand for Nail varnishes and for one that's only £1, I think they're a great quality too. I wanted to feature a red nail varnish because who doesn't love wearing red on their nails when the leaves are changing colour and going crispy. Deep reds are definitely my favourite and this one is the perfect shade! It's in the shade "fever red" and is another one that only requires one coat! If you haven't tried MUA nail varnishes, I highly recommend them!
What's your favourite nail varnish to wear in Autumn?

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  1. I love the teal color from Accessorize! I'm never bold enough to go for darker colors (I usually stay with light, nude ones), but it's absolutely gorgeous!

    Bryn || The Wine Chronicles


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