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Monday, September 26, 2016

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So it's officially Autumn, and we all love tags. So combine the two and we have the Autumn Tag 2016! I was very excited when I saw there was an Autumn Tag as I'm definitely one for answering questions and letting you all know my thoughts, plus my favourite season is Autumn and this just makes me feel all fuzzy and excited inside! (Apart from right now because I'm sick, but we'll just ignore that). There are so many reasons to love Autumn and my favourite is the baking that you can do, using all of the beautiful spices and apples and all the things we love to put into our Autumn bakes.

So less of the rambling and let's get too it;

1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?As soon as it starts getting a little bit chilly, basically when I can wear a hoodie and not feel hot! So this was the end of August for me! Although many people go for the 1st September as the start of Autumn, I just like to say when it's chilly! Plus it means I can start getting excited for Autumn a lot more earlier on, which is always a good thing!

2. What is your favourite Fall scent?
I would like to say Pumpkin however we all know Pumpkin actually smells disgusting when it has sat there for a few weeks after you have carved it, and pumpkin is the most Autumnal you can get! However, I love anything which has been baked! So anything with ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, all of the yummy spices you'd include in your baking! Plus, I love a salted caramel candle! 

3. What is your favourite Autumn colour?100% love the burnt orange, copper, dark brown shades. The typical shades you'll see in the crispy leaves very soon as soon as they start to fall off the trees! I love the scarves which many places bring out around Autumn time which include these colours. Not only do they get me ready for Autumn, but they make me feel very cosy too!

4. What is your favourite Fall drink?I love drinks all year round, whether they're hot or cold! I recently tried the Pumpkin spiced frappuccino and absolutely loved it! However, my boyfriend literally gagged when he tried it, he's not one for spices! I'm a coffee addict, so anything which includes coffee! So this will be Americano, latte, spiced lattes, gingerbread lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and anything else you can think of! But, I do love a hot chocolate in the evening when I'm curled up in bed!

5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Fall?I really want to start watching Power, Scream and Gossip Girls this fall on Netflix as I haven't watched them before and so many people have recommended them! I will also be watching the typical Halloween movies such as Nightmare before Christmas, my favourite!

6. What is your favourite Fall fashion trend?Big knitted baggy jumpers, blanket scarves and ankle boots! Everything you want in an outfit to make you feel cosy when it's a little bit dark and cold outside in the mornings when you're going to work or university.

7. What is your favourite frugal Autumn activity?
So last year was the first time I ever carved a pumpkin and I absolutely loved it! I don't celebrate Halloween, but I couldn't help join in when my boyfriend was carving a pumpkin for his little brothers! My favourite activity will always be baking, if this counts? I love baking, it's one of my passions and if I can incorporate all of the spices into one cake, then I will.

8. What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather? 
I absolutely love a brown/copper smokey eye and a nude lip however, the berry lips have to come in some where which also look stunning with a brown smokey eye or even just a simple, natural eye look! 

Feel free to copy and paste the questions below to create this tag on your blog!
1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?
2. What is your favourite Fall scent?
3. What is your favourite Autumn colour?
4. What is your favourite Fall drink?
5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Fall?
6. What is your favourite Fall fashion trend?
7. What is your favourite frugal Autumn activity?
8. What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather? 

If you weren't feeling Autumnal before, I hope you are now!
If you create this tag on your blog, leave the link to it in the comments so I can check it out!

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Kimberley Jessica

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  1. I'm with you on t he big knitwear - I wear as much as possible in a/w! I like to be cosy!

    Kelly x

  2. Ohhhhh this makes me excited!!! I have to do this!!! xox

  3. Great post xx I love autumn it is by far my favorite season I love the cosy jumpers and burnt orange and brown colours x

  4. Yes to Gossip Girl! I recently bought all of the seasons and had a huge marathon! Definitely worth the watch :)

  5. This made me miss Autumn even more, and makes me so excited that it's finally here!! I love carving pumpkins too! X

  6. I love this tag! I think I'm going to have to do it as well haha. Oh and you have to watch Gossip Girl, it's one of my favourites and the fashion in it is beautiful!xx

  7. Such a cute tag! Pumpkin scents are a must. I love baking pumpkin-flavored things this time every year. :)

  8. How did I not know there was an Autumn tag?! I definitely need to do this soon! Love this post, it makes me so happy and excited for the upcoming months!

    Hannah |


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