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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

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So I have been planning this post since August, that's when I decided I wanted to write about my book recommendations and all the books I think you should check out if you're a book worm like me. However, I just haven't had the time to read enough books so it's taken me two months to do this. But we're here! I have made a decision, as indecisive as I am!

So some of these books I read a while back, however some of them I have recently read and I could easily read again, I loved them that much! It was so difficult choosing eight books out of the amount that I have read, I could have easily listed you twenty, but we'd be here forever!

So let's get too it;

Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks
I feel like I really do not need to speak much about this book as I have already mentioned it in a book haul, my monthly favourites and a book review.. I can't speak about it much more than that! However, Safe Haven is an absolutely incredible book by Nicholas Sparks. It's so true to the film and so beautiful and it will lead you to tears, but these are both happy tears and sad tears, so it's okay! If you haven't read it go read it! And if you haven't seen my book review, you can find it here.

Sweet Temptation - Lucy Diamond
I am currently reading this book and I am absolutely loving it, so I couldn't help but include it as a recommendation! I found it rather sad to begin with as Maddie is clearly overweight however both her colleagues and her children are fairly bitchy about her weight and she reluctantly starts going to places to try and lose this weight. She is obviously happy the way she is, but because of what everyone else thinks of her, this is bring her down. It pretty much sums up what society is currently like and that's what I am really enjoying it! It's well written and I am a big fan of Lucy Diamond! Highly recommend this book.

Sylvia Day Crossfire Series
So if you have read fifty shades of grey, you will love this even more! It's not like Christian grey and how he's really a dominating " " (you can choose a word to place here), it's the complete opposite! Gideon is beautiful and he's truly romantic and he will do anything to protect the women he loves! I took the last book with me of this series on holiday and I was left in tears, it truly broke me because the ending was so unexpected! This is a series I would read over and over again without getting bored of it! Check them out! There are also five books to this series which is even more exciting! 

The Secret of Happy Ever After - Lucy Dillon
I remember I wrote some sort of review on this book either a year ago or two years ago, I can't remember, it was so long ago! But I can clearly remember the book and I loved it. I really enjoy Lucy's books, she's a brilliant writer and you can visualise absolutely everything you read, which is what you need in a book! It was heart warming but sad and you just want to tell the characters in the book what they should do! I really got my teeth into this book and couldn't put it down till I finished this. 

The Chocolate Lovers Series - Carole Matthews
So, last year I read The Chocolate Lovers Club and I loved it, it was one of my favourite books so far! However, it took me probably nearly a year to find out she actually had another three books after this one. How did I not know this?! Carole Matthews is another great Author, definitely in my top five and I highly highly highly recommend her books if you're looking for a good read! I laughed throughout her books, I cried throughout her books and I couldn't put them down. They are so so good! Not many people have heard of Carole Matthews, and if you are reading this and you haven't then please, just buy the first book and let me know what you think!

Before I Die - Jenny Downham
So I actually read this book around four or five years ago, but I still remember it, and it still sits in my book case on the top shelf! I really loved it, and I actually borrowed it off a friend and then we finished school and I was unable to give it back, oops! This book is about a girl with cancer, so if you don't like to cry when reading a book, you will not like this! Pre-warning. However, it is a very beautiful book and I am actually very tempted to read it again very soon because I miss the story so much! If you've read this, let me know what you thought of it.

Pretty Little Liars Series - Sara Shepard
Okay, okay. I am actually smiling so much while typing this! I love the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard! I have watched Pretty Little Liars, I am up to date, but that's completely fine! I love reading books after I've watched the film, show or however it has come out! But these books are incredible! There is 16 books altogether, and I am currently on book number eight as I couldn't find it anywhere so I had to wait two months to buy it! How frustrating. After reading seven books, the story line was exactly the same as the tv show, until book number eight. I am now reading parts of the story which never happened in the show which is completely fine! It's interesting to see how it was wrote and changed but I'm still really enjoying it!

If you love Pretty Little Liars, and you love books then you NEED to buy these. Oh my god, you will love them! There is no doubt about it. A post is coming very soon all about the Pretty Little Liars books and a review of them! 

No Ordinary Love Story - Sophie Morgan
Last but not least is No Ordinary Love Story by Sophie Morgan. I also read this a while back however I still love it and love how I felt when reading it. This book is also completely different to Fifty Shades of Grey. The male is not dominating as much as Christian Grey and it is more of a romantic story but with the erotic story line too it. If you're read Fifty Shades of Grey and didn't enjoy it because of how Christian Grey was made up to be, then read this! You'll definitely prefer it. It turns out she brought out a book previously called The Diary of a Submissive but I was unaware of this when I read this book, but it doesn't matter! The story still made sense. 

Let me know if you have any recommendations which you think I would enjoy!

I'll see you soon

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