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Saturday, December 17, 2016

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I am so so so so excited to be sharing this with you! I know so many of you asked me to share the chest and what's inside it so here it is! I was umming and urring about whether to buy this chest or not. It was constantly out of stock over on the Superdrug website and when it came back into stock I was in the process of paying for it and it went back out of stock (wrong, I know!). I went to Chelmsford on the 27th November for the Christmas lights turn on with Heart Essex Radio and cheekily popped into Superdrug whilst I was there and they literally had one left on the shelf and none in the warehouse, I could not just leave it there. It was mine and it was coming home with me. So here it is; the beautiful Makeup Revolution Christmas Storage Chest, worth £100, bought for £49 (I had £1 on my Superdrug Card, woop). I haven't tried any of these products out yet, this is simply showing you what's inside!

So let's get too it;
I still cannot explain how excited I am! This is what the inside of the chest looks like; isn't it beautiful! I cannot believe how incredible the quality is of this box, it's heavy and it's strong and I cannot wait to start filling it and labelling it with all of my makeup! It's beau-tiful! Love it.
In the first drawer there is the Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shade Peach Lights. I have one of the Vivid Baked Highlighter's however it's in Golden Lights (I think that's what it's called) and it's more of a yellow/gold shade. I am in love with this highlighter! It's so incredibly beautiful. This is more of a baby pink, white shimmer highlighter and if anyone has this, you'll understand how beautiful it is when you have it sat in your hand!
The next drawer to the right is the HD Pro Strobe Palette. I have only seen this product this Christmas in their Christmas sets which they have had in Superdrug and on the TAMBeauty website but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it; it is absolutely gorgeous! It's two cream shades and two pinky peachy powder shades but wow, when I do a more in-depth review post of this, I'll take better pictures of this and I'll swatch it too! Definitely get your hands on it if you can this Christmas.
We then have the Ultra Face Base Primer - 24 Hour Makeup Protection. I know this is a product which you can buy all year round and I haven't tried it yet so I'm so glad it was inside the chest. I have never used a primer but Makeup Revolution is an incredible brand and I have no doubt that this product will be amazing too.
I love how they have included a small beauty blender. I'm not entirely sure what Makeup Revolution call their sponges but it's beautiful. It's so soft, it's so squidgy and it's amazing compared to the ones I am currently using. I cannot wait to start using this for my concealer!
Going across the other side there is the Lip Trends; Lip Ultra Reds 2017. This includes 1 intense liquid lipstick, 1 nude cream and 1 high shine nude lipgloss. This product really excites me, to be honest all of the lip sets do! I am currently absolutely loving red lip shades and this is just perfect! I love how there's three different types and three different shades. I know I'll love these and I love their standard lipsticks over any other lipstick too!
Back to the left side, there is the Lip Trends - Lip Ultra Vamp 2017. This is another set which I love, I feel this would be perfect for Autumn and Winter and especially Halloween! The shades are gorgeous and perfect for an evening look. Like the set above, there are three different types! 1 cream, 1 high shine lipgloss and 1 liquid lipstick.
And over to the right hand side we have the HD Pro Brows Palette. This includes eyebrow powders in six different shades. An eyebrow tint, brow enhancing wax, highlight powder, brow sealing wax and a strobe balm. I do not fill in my eyebrows, if you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll know this! However, I absolutely love the idea of the highlight powder and strobe balm in this! I'll probably even try out the eyebrow tint too! This would also be an incredible gift for someone too.
On the top left hand side there is the Ultra Contour Palette. I love contouring and I've been looking for contour palettes a lot recently just to try out different ones and see which I like the most. I'm currently using a palette by Makeup Revolution which I love for contouring and I cannot wait to start trying this out too! Also the highlights are insanely beautiful and pigmented!
There is another set of liquid lipsticks which are the Lip Trends - Lip Ultra Nude 2017. The last lip set is the nude set which I know I will use so much! These shades are perfect for every day, when you're working, at university or simply popping to the shops! I think these would look absolutely in Spring and Summer too! I just love them, completely and utterly! I'm not sure if you can pick these up individually.
The large drawer in the middle is the Ultra Eyeshadows - 32 Ultra Professional Eyeshadows - Ultimate Favourites. As this states it is the "Ultimate Favourites" Palette. You can not pick this up anywhere else (at least I don't think you can). I would say every single eyeshadow in this palette is my favourite and that's what I love most about it! I have over 10 eyeshadow palettes from Makeup Revolution but I feel this will end up being my go to all year round!
The top drawer of the middle section is the Duo Face Sculpt. Another product which looks absolutely beautiful and I feel this will take over from my current contour and highlight kit by Makeup Revolution! I love how big this is (I haven't ever had a product this big before), but it's a lot bigger than what I was expecting it to be! The contour shade is gorgeous because it's more of a colder brown shade than a warm shade which is perfect for pale skin!
Lastly right at the top is the 9 piece brush set (I know you can buy this individually this year). I have wanted to try these out for so long but I never had the money to simply buy them because I wanted them. These are £30 on their own so I basically got the rest of the products and the chest for £19, isn't that an incredible deal?! These are so beautiful, and so soft! I slightly do not want to use them because I don't want to ruin how beautifully white they are!

Overall I'm so happy with this chest. I couldn't decide whether to buy it or not and I'm so glad I did! I know I'll use all of these products so much! If you can find this in your local Superdrug store, I definitely recommend picking it up! Or Tam Beauty has it in stock too!

If you've bought this, let me know! Did you love it?!

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. This looks so beautiful! I love the design with the gold details. All the products look lovely too. Those brushes are gorgeous! :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes


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