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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Good Morning!
I hope you're having a lovely week.

It's the last day of my Christmas Gift Guide's and I hope you are loving them as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you! Today I am sharing my Stocking Fillers for Her with you! I would absolutely love it if I received all of these items in my stocking! However, as I don't have a bath it would also be extremely difficult to use most of them too! These are all less than £15 (only one is £15), so they would even be perfect for Secret Santa!

So let's get too it;

 Flutter Bubble Bath Confetti - £1
"Add a little sparkle to your bath with the Flutter paper confetti petals. The pack contains a selection of pink and white petals, that'll desolve right in front of your eyes".
I absolutely love this pack of Bath Confetti which you can find in Superdrug! They're so cute and perfect for a cosy evening in the bath on Christmas Day! Sounds lovely doesn't it! I wish I had a bath! For only £1, you can have so many amazing, relaxing baths, with no one around to bother you!

 I Love...Lemon Meringue Body Scrub - £4.99
"Let I love…’s ultra-foaming Whipped Sugar Scrub pamper and polish your skin with its natural body exfoliators, cleansers and moisturisers!".
Superdrug have been absolutely incredible for their gifts this year and I was so pleased to try out this Lemon Meringue scrub! It smells incredible and it also another perfect gift for anyone to use on Christmas Day after a long day of having fun!
 Baking Time Club Party Ring Drink Coasters - £10.00
"Celebrate tea and hot drink drinking, with this funtastic set of 4 party ring biscuit drinks coasters. Like the biscuits they come in a mixed pack of yellow, pink, purple and orange with their icing lines. Protect your coffee table from mug rings with these awesome colourful coasters".
I think these coasters are the cutest idea ever! Especially if you're having a Christmas or New Years Party too! Although I wasn't truly impressed when my brother gave me coasters alone as a gift last year for Christmas, I do think they can be quite cute as a stocking filler especially if you're moving into your own place too!
You can receive 10% off using the code "Starbaker1"
 Tie A Wish A Christmas Wish Bracelet - £2.49
"Tie this bracelet on your wrist, as you do make a wish, When this bracelet breaks in two, the wish you made will soon come true".
I love the idea of Tie A Wish bracelets, although I'm not entirely sure if they work (I'm sure they probably don't), they are a lovely gift to a friend or family member! I am currently wearing mine now while I write this and honestly, I'll be quite sad when it breaks as I'm loving how cute and dainty it is.
 Kiss French Nails - $6.49
So recently I spoke about the Kiss Nails and I think they're a perfect gift for Christmas for anyone who cannot be bothered to paint their nails but loves to wear false ones (I'm thinking of Zoe Sugg right now!) They last for ages! And I mean ages! I think I wore mine for 12 days and they were still going strong. They're a wonderful gift for any women!
"Say cherrio to chapped lips and hello to a super smoochable smile, with this tasty tropical trio!"
I love lip balm and I always have a lip balm with me no matter where I'm going, it's like my phone; I always need it! Happy Jackson has created a trio lip balm set in the most incredible scents, and I mean; if you could smell through the screen, now that would be amazing! Definitely check these out if you're looking to buy yourself, or even someone else some beautiful fruity scented lip balms!

 MUA Luxe 5 Piece Liquid Lipstick Set - Softly Spoke £15
"Softly Spoken – the ultimate nude lip lacquer quintet collection. 
Long-wear, matte finish lip lacquer in shades Tranquillity, Poise, Hustle, Firecracker and Flair".
How could I possibly mention stocking fillers and not include some sort of makeup item? I think the MUA Luxe 5 piece set it a wonderful gift for anyone who loves liquid lipsticks! These are incredible. They smell great, the consistency is amazing and they last for a long time too! They're also not drying on the lips either which is fabulous however if they do dry, then you can use the Happy Jackson lip balm underneath! Boom!
 Kellogg's Vintage Bath Milk - £6.99
I love the idea of Bath Milk's and their creamy consistency however as I do not have a bath, I have never been able to try them! Mad Beauty have so many different ranges on their website and I think the Kellogg's set is just a wonderful gift for Christmas and everyone knows what Kellogg's is, right? Especially the Vintage Kelloggs, it's stunning! You also receive a fair amount of bath milk for only £6.99!
 Fruity Trio Cube Strawberry and Raspberry Gift Set - £2.50
"If you're looking for some fruity flavours while you pamper and shower then this cube set is perfect. The set contains: 1 x Strawberry and Raspberry Shower Gel, 1 x Strawberry and Raspberry Body Lotion, and 1 x Bath Puff".
Ooo another skincare product! As I mentioned Superdrug have brought out some incredible products and this happens to be one of them! I love strawberry and raspberry scented anything and as a shower gel, even better! I think this is the cutest gift idea even for a teenager or a young girl, it's small, it's pink and it's pretty! Plus it makes you smell good.
 Dinki Belle Dizzy Dots Nail Wraps - £6.99
"Striking and Modern. The Dizzy Dots nail wraps takes your manicure to another level. With its mix of cevron and dots this design will certainly make a statement. The perfect manicure in minutes. Instantly dry, no mess, no fuss".
Something else you can do to your nails if you're lazy when it comes to nail polish is to use a nail wrap. Dinki Belle sell some incredible nail wraps and this happens to be one of them! You simply press it on, and use a top coat to ensure it stays, easy as pie!
 Mad Beauty Hand Sanitizer in Spiced Apple - £2.99
"Why not freshen up with one of these themed hand sanitizers, proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and loaded with moisturisers to counter the effect of the cold weather - Non Sticky and Moisturising".
I feel like this is the most random of all random stocking fillers you could possibly find but at the same time it can be an essential, especially if you're my boyfriend who hates germs. Mad Beauty have also brought out hand sanitisers in the scent "Spiced Apple" which is perfect for Christmas!

 Shadow Switch Dry Brush Clearn - £5.99
"Removes make up from your brushes quickly and effectively. Eliminates the need to switch brushes to use a different colour make up powders! Prevents makeup powders transferring when using the same brush. The quickest, most hygeinic and reliable way to preserve your makeup brushes"
 Sweet Snuggles Bath Snow Crystals - £1
"Relax and unwind with vanilla scented bath crystals. Sprinkle in the bath and watch the snow float away."
Another bath product perfect for Christmas is bath Crystals which smell like Vanilla! Oh my, they would be perfect with candles surrounding the bath too. I love how cute this is, and this would be an amazing stocking filler which you can also give on Christmas Eve (the perfect Christmas Eve bath) to get ready for Santa! Cute!
 Ombar Raw Cacao - £1.99
"This is chocolate simplicity at its finest. We let the magical cacao bean do its thing by using just four ingredients, so expect an exciting upfront explosion of fruity and floral notes. Plus it’s enriched with a healthy dose of live cultures!"
Now, Chocolate is always a must when it comes to Stocking Fillers but if you want to be that little bit healthier around Christmas Time or if you know someone who is Vegan, try out the Ombar Chocolate which is made from Raw Cacao! They come in so many different varieties, so you're not stuck for choice!
Kelloggs Vintage Bubble Bath Cracket Set - £7.99
"Inside each cracker is a mini 50ml bubble bath in festive fragrances - christmas cranberry, amazing almond, very vanilla and super strawberry".
Last but not least is the Mad Beauty Kelloggs Bubble Bath Cracker Set. Another wonderful product perfect for anyone who loves to have a bath! I love the idea of thee because they're four different scents including cranberry, almond, vanilla and strawberry! All of my favourite scents! It's a great way of sharing your bubble bath's with someone else too by pulling the cracker!

This blog post features product/s which were sent to me for review purpose however all opinions are my own and completely honest.

What was your favourite item within this post? I'd love to know!

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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