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Friday, December 23, 2016

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It's Blogmas Day 23 meaning there's only two days until Christmas, wooo! Who else is excited? I know I am! As I have been loving wearing lipstick so much this month I thought I'd share my Winter Lip Picks with you! I have picked six lipsticks out of my Collection which I have been absolutely loving and I think these shades are perfect for Christmas and the Winter period! They're high street brands so you do not have to worry about spending a fortune, especially if you're a student like myself!

So let's get too it;
My first lipstick of choice is one which many people love! The Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in the shade 107. This is a very dark lipstick for me however I have been loving it this Christmas. It's dark but it's gorgeous and it's so creamy! I would definitely say I prefer creamy lipsticks compared to matte ones, however when they apply creamy and their matte too then even better! I can imagine this lipstick would be absolutely stunning if they brought it out as a matte shade too!
Unfortunately Makeup Revolution no longer stock this item and I am so sorry about this but I wanted to share it with you anyway! This is their Lip Hug Lipstick in the shade "I am Ready". I received this last year at some point but never got round to actually wearing it until this year. Makeup Revolution is my favourite brand when it comes to lipstick's and it's such a shame they no longer stock this as I know every girl would love how beautifully this applies! It's a high shine lipstick and it's long lasting too and I've never known a red lipstick to wear for so long, until I wore this one!
Seventeen is another brand which I absolutely love when it comes to lipstick and the Mega Matte Lipstick in the shade "Roses are red" is perfect for the Christmas period! I never thought I'd find a matte lipstick which is creamy to apply, but you probably cannot get any creamier than this when it comes to matte; it's wonderful to apply, and it looks beautiful with either a natural eye look or even a smokey eye look!
I was recently sent a beautiful selection of products by MUA after winning their giveaway and this stunning lipstick was included in the bundle! This is the MUA Vivid Colour Intense Lipstick in the shade "Red Alert" which is another perfect red for Christmas. I would say this is probably the best lipstick to match a Christmas jumper or even a Christmas hat. It's so bright and gorgeous. This is the creamiest lipstick I own and I love how it looks; it's not matte but it's shiny and beautiful and I'd like to thank MUA for choosing me as the winner of their giveaway because I wouldn't have known about this lipstick otherwise!
Another Makeup Revolution lipstick which I swear by is the Rose Gold Lipstick in Red Carpet. Another stunning high shine lipstick in a beautiful bright red. I love the Rose Gold range which they brought out (chauffeur is my favourite) and this one is definitely just as incredible! Not only do they apply extremely easily but they generally smell and taste incredible as well! I highly recommend their Rose Gold range if you haven't tried any of them yet!
Lastly is a deep wine/purple shade and this can be picked up in Primark! I recently picked this up because it's a range they've brought out within Autumn and I absolutely loved the colour and I'm really enjoying matte lips at the moment. I picked up two of the shades, this one and a nude and I would definitely say the nude is so much more creamier and easier to apply than this one; I'm guessing it's because this one includes more colour so it just didn't have the right amount of ingredients included to give it the creamy consistency? I'm not sure how it works but it's still an incredible lipstick for only a couple of pounds! If you like a purple lip more than a red one within the Winter period, then you'll love this!

What's your go to Winter lipstick?

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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