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Monday, December 19, 2016

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Nail varnish is definitely my weakness and one of my favourite things to share with you is my choices of nail varnish to wear throughout each season. I have done this post since Summer and it has definitely been a favourite of many so now it's time to show you my Winter Nail Varnish Picks now that we're into December. My nail varnish changes every other day and I nearly always change the shade I'm wearing! I definitely think my nail varnish is part of who I am and my boyfriend agrees. He says I look strange when I have nothing on my nails and that's with my toes too!

So let's get too it;
So we're starting off the Winter Picks with Accessorize! I absolutely love Accessorize's nail polishes and I never even knew they had them until the Summer when I popped in there when they were having a sale. They originally cost £5.00 each however I picked them up for £1.70 each which was 70% off; such a bargain. I absolutely adore this red; it's definitely the perfect Christmas Santa Hat colour! It's gorgeous. This is in the shade Strawberry Daiquiri.
Another perfect shade for the Winter period from Accessorize. This is called Black Cherry I believe however they no longer sell it which is frustrating! It's a gorgeous dark cherry colour and I loveee it! I'm always so scared to wear a dark lip because my skin is so pale but I'm never afraid of having ridiculously dark nails.
Oops another Accessorize nail polish! I love this as a Winter Nude and it really compliments how pale I am! This is another shade which you can no longer pick up in Accessorize but it reminds me so much of a cappuccino for some reason! But I love how gorgeous it looks with pale skin and a tan!
Last of the Accessorize nail polishes is this gorgeous copper shimmer! It's a transparent nail polish with copped circles and glitter pieces running through it which is perfect to apply on top of any nail polish! I love wearing this with the nail polish above however it would look good with so many different shades! I just love this for an extra bit of sparkle.
I have recently fall in love with Miss Sporty's nail polishes and this shade is my ultimate favourite red for Christmas. It has a slight shimmer to it and is just absolutely gorgeous. I love how it's in gel shine too meaning once you have applied the gel top coat, your nail polish then lasts for more than 10 days! It says up to 10 days but my nail polish throughout the Summer lasted for two weeks whilst I was away on holiday which is incredible! This is in the shade 562.
I always rave on about Primark's Nail Polishes and I still love them to this day! This is in the shade Bonfire, unfortunately I am unable to link them because Primark hasn't set up a full website! I wish they would. I'm sure Primark are still stocking this shade though! I loved this throughout Autumn and I'm still loving it now. It's long lasting and you only need to apply one coat too for only £0.80 you cannot go wrong!
Primark also brought out a matte range which I have also been loving! This is a gorgeous deep red wine colour and is perfect for if you fancy a darker nail but you also want some matte to them! The matte nail polishes last just as long as any other nail polish does within the PS.. range however these do cost slightly more. I think they're £1.50, so still a bargain! I just have a thing for red nails right now.
The above nail polishes look very similar however they are different, I promise! The top shade is a matte black and the bottom is matte dark grey; both beautiful shades! Sometimes I really like having a truly dark nail within the Winter Period and grey and black are definitely the darkest you can get! I think dark nails are incredibly beautiful and make your nails look so much longer than what they actually are!
Of course you cannot go wrong with a nude pink as well and I love this shade because it's more of a dusky pink than a baby pink! Primark recently brought out a Satin Matte range too which I love more than anything however they haven't brought out many shades yet! They're also long lasting, you only need one coat to have a beautiful layer of polish and well, look at it! It's gorgeous!
Itsy Nails were so lovely to send me two of their nail polishes which are in the shades "Cosmic Dust and Ooo La La". I absolutely love Itsy Nails' Polish because they're also a very long lasting nail polish and you only need to apply one coat! I generally love their shades because the colours they sell I haven't seen anywhere else; they're simply one of a kind! You can have 10% off your orders with the code "Itsygirlkimberley".
I was given this by my Aunty, I'm not 100% sure where she bought it or how long ago but I love it! It's another deep red wine shade but it has flecks of gold or silver running through it which I find absolutely stunning! The Lycra Pro range is part of Rimmel London however the polish itself lasts so much longer! This is in the shade 393 - Desire and oh my gosh, it's gorgeous! I need to remember to put this on this year as I'm yet to wear it!
Poundland is another place for gorgoeus nail polishes and I fell in love with this shade as soon as I saw it. It's a simply copper shimmer nail polish and for £1, the coverage of one coat is absolutely incredible! You wouldn't think this only costs £1, honestly! I've found I do need to wear a top coat and a base coat with this otherwise you can easily peel it off in one go, but apart from that; I love it!
Rimmel London is one of my top brands when it comes to makeup and Nail Polish and I love to wear a gold in the Winter Period especially when Christmas is only six days away! They have the most beautiful shade called "530 - Star Dust" and it's incredible! It's more of an orangey gold which is what I love most about it!
Of course you can't go wrong with a Silver nail polish too and NYC is a great place to go for some beautiful shades! I actually picked this up in a trio pack from Poundland which is definitely my favourite thing about Poundland; the fact they sell not just one NYC nail polish, but three for only £1! NYC is also in my top five brands when it comes to nails and this is because they're long lasting! I love a nail polish which lasts a while without chipping or completely coming off and this is something I struggle with so much but NYC never fails when it comes to this!
A year ago Makeup Revolution was selling Nail Polish gift sets which I'm so gutted about because they were only Limited Edition and I didn't buy the rest of them! But I managed to pick up a set which included some beautiful nude shades and this one was included. I'm not entirely sure what it's called and it's a brown/copper/gold shade. What would you call this? But it's incredible! This looks gorgeous with the Accessorize copper shimmer nail polish on top! Makeup Revolution needs to bring out nail polishes again because they are insane! £1 each and amazing quality! I would definitely buy them all.
Another Makeup Revolution nail polish I managed to get my hands on was this gorgeous pillar box red! It's beautiful. Another perfect red for Christmas. They're so easy to apply and you only need to apply one coat too which is the best thing about some brands; not having to apply two coats!
This is another nail polish which I was given by my Aunty and it's the only Barry M nail polish which I own too. It's a gorgeous midnight blue shade and I think this is stunning in Winter! It's not a colour I would usually go for however I do absolutely love it! I'm not entirely sure why I don't own any other shades but Barry M is another brand which is worth checking out!
Last but not least is No 7. I picked up a 12 piece set of Nail Polish's last Christmas and these three are my top favourites within the set as they're perfect for Christmas! Not only is there a gorgeous purple/red shimmery shade, but there is also silver and gold glitters which you can apply on top to bring a bit of sparkle! I love applying glitters and shimmers onto my ring fingers because I feel like it makes my nails looks so much different and they definitely stand out more! Although I definitely think No7 are over priced when it comes to their nail polish's, when you can get them in a set, they are definitely worth buying because they are wonderful!

This blog post features product/s which were sent to me for review purpose however all opinions are my own and completely honest.

What's your favourite colour to wear on your nails in Winter?

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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