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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Good Morning!
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I would say 2016 was the year where I ventured into wearing makeup a lot more than usual. I'm definitely one of them girls which wears very minimal makeup, and even when I do wear a lot; it looks like I'm wearing absolutely nothing. I do love a no makeup, makeup day. I'd also say 2016 was the year when my makeup collection tripled in size and I'm absolutely loving all of my makeup discoveries from the past few months. So today I'm going to be sharing with you my favourite lip discoveries of 2016 and I'm sure you're going to love them just as much as I do.

So let's get too it;
 My first discovery of 2016 is the Primark matte lip crayons. I have four of these in total after purchasing one and falling in love with it; they are absolutely gorgeous. Not only are the shades absolutely stunning but they're such a creamy product, even though they're matte. I was fairly nervous about trying these out because they're definitely a chunky crayon and I wasn't sure how easy they would be to apply, but I actually prefer these to a normal lipstick. You can line your lips easily, even with the chunky end, and they're easy to pop into your handbag without taking up any room!
 I have raved on about this lipstick in so many different post's but I'm still loving it just as much a few months later! Seventeen mega matte lipstick's are absolutely incredible and this shade is my favourite out of them all. Although this is mega matte, it's creamy to apply and doesn't leave your lips feeling ridiculously dry like some matte lipstick's. I prefer this lipstick out of all of the red shades out there because it's more of a blue toned red, meaning this makes your teeth look white instead of yellow and it suits pale skin tones! It's an overall winner for me.
 I won this lipstick in a giveaway a few months ago and I have been loving it ever since. It's a very similar shade to the Seventeen lipstick however I'd say this shade is a little bit more orange/pink toned. This isn't a matte lipstick and I think that's another reason why it's one of my current favourite's. This lipstick is super creamy and is gives a beautiful shine across your lips; I really love the way it looks! MUA have some gorgeous lipstick's and I recommend checking out their Vivid lipstick range.
 I bought the MUA Luxe velvet lip lacquer's over the Christmas period because I absolutely loved the nude shades which they brought out in a set. I'm not too fond of the scent however I do love how smoothly these apply and how easy they are to apply. Not only are the shades absolutely gorgeous, but they're long lasting too; I also really struggle to remove them when I no longer want them on, which I guess can be a positive aspect! If you can put up with the scent of products, then I highly recommend checking these out if you haven't already; they have so many different shades!
Lastly I have also been loving the NYX Liquid Suede's and this shade is absolutely gorgeous, another product which I have spoken about in many different post's here on my blog! I've found these a little bit more difficult to apply as the wand is a straight shape so it can be fairly difficult to be completely precise. However the consistency of this product is perfect and it does apply smoothly. This is another product which is ridiculously long lasting. I tried to remove this product when I was walking around town and what a disaster that was; I had red smudged across my face because it didn't want to budge! However, this does mean you do not need to reapply throughout the day as it doesn't fade. I love it!

Have you had any favourite lip discoveries throughout 2016?

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. I tried NYX Liquid Suede towards the end of last year and loved them too! I'd stayed away from wand applicator lip products for a while because they reminded me of sticky lip glosses of my teenage years, but have realised now that they're not all bad :D
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

  2. Gorgeous colours, love the lip crayons


  3. Obsessed qith the primark matte crayons x

  4. You've made me want to go out on the hunt for new lipstick! I love the NYX Liquid Suede - I definitely need more shades. I love the MUA Lip Laquers too!

    Your photography in this post is amazing lovely!

    Leanne xx

  5. I seriously love NYX products! They're amazing! love this post girl! And I have that MUA lip lacquer too! It's so pretty!

    sami x

  6. Your photography is amazing! I love the NYX Suede lipsticks too. Need to pick up some more shades.

    Terri x

  7. those matte crayons by primark look so amazing! I really want to try it now. Do they come in more neutral tones? xxx


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