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Sunday, January 08, 2017

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Back in December I shared with you what was included in the Makeup Revolution Storage Chest which they brought out over the Christmas period, you can find the post here if you haven't seen it. So today I'm going to be sharing with you my first impressions of these products and what I think of them. I have to say, I'm so impressed with how much Makeup Revolution is growing as a makeup brand; it's definitely my favourite out of them all. It's affordable, their products are absolutely beautiful and the pigmentation of their products too for the price; wow! If you haven't tried out anything from Makeup Revolution then you need to head on over to Superdrug or Tam Beauty and take a look!

So let's get too it;
I have to say these three shades are definitely going to be shades which I will not wear regularly however they are absolutely stunning. They are true to their colour, as pigmented as hell and they last for hours on end. For £6 each in Superdrug, I'm generally impressed with how incredible they are.
The HD Pro Brow Palette is another product which I won't use regularly (however I can imagine the brown shades would be absolutely perfect for a natural or smokey eye look). But the highlight shades in this palette are absolutely gorgeous and I'll definitely be making use of these! I love this palette because it includes a clear brow gel! I have unfortunately seen some eyeshadow palette's which have a dark brow gel and a light powder, so they're not ideally usable. 
I am completely obsessed with the Ultra Eyeshadows - 32 Ultra Professional Eyeshadows - Ultimate Favourites palette, it is absolutely stunning and definitely includes all of my favourites! I really love this palette because it includes mainly warm toned shades and they're fairly natural too. Like the rest of the palette's from Makeup Revolution, these eyeshadow's are highly pigmented and long lasting too! I find these also very easy to blend as well. Makeup Revolution is definitely my go to brand when it comes to eyeshadow as they are definitely faultless for the price.
The Ultra Face Base Primer - 24 Hour Makeup Protection is another one of my new favourite products. It leaves my skin looking absolutely flawless, and the glow; it is amazing! If I apply this when my skin is looking at it's most dull, this completely changes it! I have no idea if it actually lasts 24 hours though, I mean who's awake for 24 hours and wearing makeup for the whole time? I'm pretty sure no one is!
 I still haven't found out what Makeup Revolution calls their sponges, but they are incredible either way! This literally tripled in size, I couldn't believe it and my skin looked absolutely flawless after I used this to apply my concealer on any blemishes and underneath my eyes. I usually use a primark sponge, which I have to stay does not increase in size whatsoever and to be honest, I prefer using their sponges dry but this amazed me. I need to find more, and buy more!
 I absolutely love the Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shade Peach Lights. I have a different vivid baked highlighter however it's more of a yellow tone but this one definitely suits my skin tone better! The pink tone to it is so natural and super pretty and I can't even begin to explain how pigmented it is! I highly recommend Makeup Revolution's baked highlighters, and even their blushers too!
The Makeup Revolution Limited Edition brushes are also another incredible product within this storage box! I had my eye on these for ages as an individual item and I completely resisted and didn't buy them and I'm so glad I did get my hands on them eventually! Not only are they absolutely stunning but they are so incredibly soft! They're probably the softest brush set I own. One bad factor about these brushes are how they're quite fluffy and the fluff does come loose.
I have had so many people ask me what this palette is purely because how stunning it is and it's the HD Pro Strobe Palette. This is my favourite product out of the whole selection because a girl can't have too much highlight! I love this palette because it has two strobe creams as well as two highlight powders and they're gorgeous. The strobe creams are so silky and easy to blend and applying the powder on top makes them even more beautiful. I wish this was a product they sold on their own because I'd definitely be buying another one once this one hits pan!
 I used to use a different Makeup Revolution contour kit religiously, I used it every single day but this has replaced it by far! It's bigger, it's better, the highlight shade isn't shimmery so it's perfect for an everyday natural look and I just love it love it love it. I'm really gutted they do not sell this on it's own however because I really do think everyone would love this!
The Makeup Revolution storage chest also includes the Ultra Contour Palette. I believe you can buy this on it's own too! I love how they've included three contour shades, three brightening/light shades and two shimmers, literally the only palette you'll ever need when it comes to contouring! One thing I do adore about this is how the contour shades aren't warm toned, meaning they don't give you the orange look! These are easy to blend, not too pigmented meaning you can be as heavy handed as you like and they're gorgeous.
My favourite lip sets of all three lip sets are the Lip Trends - Lip Ultra Nude 2017. I have been using these lip colours since I bought this, I think they are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for pale skin tones! I do love a nude lip! My favourite has to be the middle shade which is more of a lipgloss which then turns matte, but it's not drying at all! I wore this lip gloss for a good four-five hours before it started wearing off! I am so impressed with these; and I have two sets thank god!
I'm really enjoying wearing a red lip at the moment so I'm definitely a fan of the Lip Trends; Lip Ultra Reds 2017 set. I love how one of the red shades is more of a warm toned base and the other is a cold toned base; I feel they make such a difference. The pink shade is definitely what I would call a barbie pink and it's absolutely gorgeous, but a very daring shade! Just like the other lip sets, they're highly pigmented and last long too! 

Did you manage to get your hands on this storage chest?

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. These are gorgeous! And you're completely right, a girl can NEVER have too much highlight! I have the Ultra Bronze Palette and I must say, it is one of my absolute makeup essentials x

  2. I love Makeup Revolution!
    They are such a great brand and I have quite a few of there products which I love :)

    Megan /

  3. Sooo gorgeous, I love makeup revolution!


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