Six Blogs I Have Been Loving Recently

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Good Morning!
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Today I wanted to talk about something ever so slightly different on my blog and I am going to be sharing with you six blogs I have been absolutely loving recently. I love blogger appreciation posts and the Follow Friday hashtag on Twitter to help share awareness of incredible bloggers out there and I feel this is another great way of sharing those sassy bloggers which I highly recommend stalking in your spare time! (Not literally though). I could have easily picked more than six but if I did that we'd be here all day!

So let's get too it;

1. Lauren - Loulabellerose
Lauren is an incredible blogger and an incredible girl and we're lucky to have her in the blogging community. Not only are her pictures absolutely gorgeous, but she is too; of course! One thing I love about Lauren is the way she writes, as if she's speaking out loud to her best friend; when I read her posts, I get lost in them because they completely suck me in! Her recent post on A Chat About Change was absolutely incredible and heart breaking at the same time; but a brilliant read! I highly recommend checking out Lauren's blog if you haven't done so before.

2. Lexi - Lexilife95
Lexi is another one of those bloggers who has insane photography skills, her photos are literally goals. Not only if she a blogger but she's also a youtuber, so make sure you check out her youtube as well! I think the reason why I love Lexi so much is because she reminds me so much of myself. She's crazy (not in a bad way) and so random yet bubbly, her videos and blog posts never fail to make me laugh or smile. Also if you have snapchat, then you need to add her (lexilife95), she will make your day, everyday!

3. Jordanne - ThelifeofaglasgowgirlJordanne is a blogger which has made me cry on so many occasions, whether this is through emotionally upset or the typical happy tears which I quite often have to face on a regular basis. You know there's real, genuine people out there when you find someone like Jordanne. Someone who isn't afraid to admit when they're hurting or when they're incredibly happy. Just like Lauren and Lexi, Jordanne's photography skills are also blimming gorgeous and I get excited to see what she posts next on her blog!

4. Lily - Essentiallylily
Lily is a new find of mine after she recently followed me on Twitter and I'm so glad she did. Lily is a new blogger, she started blogging in November I believe but she's come so far already! The main reason why I love Lily so much is how she's not afraid to say it how it is. I remember reading her "Why I suck at blogging" post and she wrote "consistency, content, photos, social media - yep I fail at them all". I personally wouldn't say that she does but it's the fact she weren't afraid to admit it. Lily is also so useful if you need a question answering, she never fails to give me a great answer to everything!

5. Em - Thefablife
I will forever and always rave on about Em's blog! She was originally known as "ohfab" which you can still find (however this is now her shop), as she's now launched "thefablife" I say she's launched it, she hasn't. But she will be soon (celebrations are prepared)! Em is my top favourite blogger of all bloggers. Her content is absolutely incredible and I never missed a post when any were published. This girl makes my day, every day and will always now be known as my M11. Check her out on Twitter to find out when her shop and new blog launches! (@ohfab & @thefablifeuk)

6. Fran - Drinkcoffeeslay
Fran is the last blogger I recommend checking out and the reason why I've chosen Fran is because she's recently started blogging again and I can't get enough of her new blog! I love the way she's redesigned her blog and the name is brilliant, it never fails to make me smile! Fran is one of those in the blogging community who will always support you, no matter what it is, she will always be there.

If you want new blogs to read and new content, check out the six girls above! 

Who have you been loving recently?

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. Yeyy! Love finding new blogs to follow and read! kisses:D


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