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Saturday, February 25, 2017

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I was so excited to find out about these incredible lanyards because as a student myself, I absolutely hate the standard lanyard's you are given when you receive your student card. They're not exactly pretty and to be honest, do you ever where yours? I know I don't! You can now replace your University lanyard with a beautiful necklace which makes your student card look stylish!

So what is so great about the Maisie Jane necklace lanyard? I'm sure you're asking!
Not only does it have a quick release mechanism which is compliant with HSE guidelines, but it also has a hook which removes so you have a standard beautiful necklace which you can put any charm onto! Lastly, the most incredible feature of this lanyard is how there is a zip-assist hook to help you zip and un-zip your dress! How incredible is that?
 One aspect I absolutely love about the Maisie Jane necklace lanyard is how there's the cutest heart charm on the necklace to add a special touch to your student card! I fell in love with this feature because it gives the lanyard that extra little something.

Not only is it similar to a standard necklace, but the length is absolutely incredible. I personally love the length of this lanyard to hold my student card onto because it doesn't get in the way of your scarf of any other necklace's that you may want to wear! It's the perfect length to sit their nicely and look absolutely wonderful. Let's be honest, it also attracts eyes to your boobs, so if you want anyone to look then simply wear one of these!
There are so many different necklace lanyard's to choose from, you don't have to have a heart on yours! There's camper vans, leaves, music related charms and so many more! So if you don't want to have a heart on yours, then you can choose from their widest range of beautiful necklace lanyard's instead.

If you're bored of your standard lanyard at University, get your hands on one of these beauties!

This post features product(s) which I was sent for review purposes, however all thoughts/opinions are my own.
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