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Friday, February 17, 2017

Good Evening!
I hope you're having a lovely week.

Today I'm going to be sharing with you my wonderful makeup storage which I have had for a couple of weeks now thanks to Em over on OhFab. I watched her put her storage together over on her snapchat and I simply fell in love and had to buy it for myself and I am absolutely loving it! It's white, it's easy to move around my bedroom if I fancy moving it to somewhere else and well, look how pretty it is! If you cannot afford the most gorgeous set of Alex Drawers from Ikea, then you need to get this instead for only £26.

So let's get too it;
So this is what the drawers look like. It's a set of 10 white/pretty much transparent draws with silver knobs and framing. It's gorgeous and goes with any bedroom. It has wheels so it's easy to move and it also has the metal casing on the top so you can also place products or anything you want on top too! I actually have a transparent cube with my makeup brushes in on top of this (when it's not on my bed for picture purposes).
In my first draw I have all of my hair care electronic items. In here I have Tresemme straighteners and curling tongs and the afro curling wand from Lee Stafford. I had such an issue with storing my straighteners etc, I needed to put them somewhere and this was the perfect draw for them!
 My second draw down is all of my Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes. There's around 12-15 palettes in this draw and I wanted to have them at the top because they're definitely my most used makeup item, and I'm always picking and choosing between them all. If you're interested in seeing what palette's I have, then let me know!
 My third draw includes the rest of my eyeshadows. So in here I have a large Nurbesten eyeshadow palette. A couple of Covershoot eyeshadow palette's and some other smaller palette's from brands such as Technic, Beauty UK and Rimmel. I also have a smaller Makeup Revolution palette and some loose eyeshadows too. This draw is the place I would usually have my MUA palette's too, however they're currently in my makeup bag!
 Next is my lips draw, fourth draw down, and nearly my most filled draw. I have so many different lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip balms and lip crayons and most of them are either nude or red. Apart from the daring bright orange which is on the right hand side staring at me! I didn't really know how to organise this draw and I'm sure I will change it around at some point. In here you'll find Rimmel London, MUA, Technic, Makeup Revolution, Beauty UK, Essence, NYX, Seventeen and many more!
 I then have my face draw which is the fifth draw down. It's a huge mess, I know! It has absolutely no organisation. In here I have literally everything for my face. So there's some colour correcting palettes in the left back corner from Collection, Technic and Makeup Revolution. I also have some highlighters at the front left by Makeup Revolution and MUA. In the back right hand corner I have my blushers and bronzers. I don't really have many of these and the ones I use all the time are in my makeup bag. Lastly at the front I have my concealers, colour correcting liquid concealers, foundations and liquid products in general.
 Here's the emptiest draw out of them all and this is all about eyebrows and eyes. As you can see, I don't have a lot when it comes to eyebrows! I do have another six mascara's and eyeliners etc but they're all in my makeup bag because I use them a lot. So here are my spare mascara's which I'm currently using but I have back ups of. No 7 lash impact will always be the mascara I reach for the most. 
Last but not least is my skincare draw! In the front right hand corner is every hand cream I have which I'm currently not using because I'm using others. I have a fair few! at the back I have face masks which I've been sent to try out! Lastly on the left hand side is a couple of massage bars which have come out of beauty subscription boxes and a cream which I'm trying out for my eczema to help ease it! Not a very interesting draw but it keeps everything together.

I also have three other draws but they're currently empty, I'm sure I'll find use for them three soon!

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. I really liked this! Right now my makeup is basically scatter across my room and bathroom. I'm moving out soon, so I'm probably going to buy something like this so I can have my makeup more organized! Thanks for letting me know where you bought this from xxx

    Melina /


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