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Thursday, March 02, 2017

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You know you love a product so much when you dedicate a whole blog post too it, right? Back in December I picked up the Makeup Revolution Storage Chest which included the Lip Trends - Lip Ultra Nude 2017 set of three different types of lip shades/lipgloss'/liquid lipsticks, what ever you'd like to call these and I have been wearing them every day since. Unfortunately you can no longer purchase these, so I'm sorry if you like the look of them but can no longer pick them up. They were a limited edition item over the Winter period on TAM Beauty and Superdrug.

So let's get too it;
 Firstly, let's just talk about the packaging. I absolutely love the theme of the packaging which Makeup Revolution chose for their Christmas range. The matte black really does make a product look more expensive that what it actually is. It's quite often that you see brands using this type of packaging, for example Sleek and Mac use matte black too. However, I have actually binned the packaging because it was a right pain constantly opening and closing it just to use one of the products and chipping my nail varnish at the same time.
There is the lightest shade. This is a matte cream I believe therefore it's a very thick creamy consistency liquid lipstick. It also dries matte too. I love the shade of this because it's extremely pale however sometimes I feel it's just a little bit too pale. It's very much "your skin but better" on your lips. If you know what I mean? But I can imagine it suits tanned or darker skin tones but for me, I'm just far too pale for this. I love how thick the consistency is and I love how it sets on my lips. I haven't tested this for a whole day yet but I'll be sure to let you know the results of wearing it for a full day.
Then there's another matte liquid lipstick but in a medium nude shade. I choose to pick this one over the first liquid lipstick because it's a tiny bit darker meaning it suits my skin tone better. It doesn't look like I have foundation lips which I prefer. I enjoy this consistency more because it's not classed as the lip cream, so it's slightly lighter and not as thick! However, this does still dry extremely matte. I love the way it looks when I don't have chapped lips!
Now onto my favourite. This is more of a lip gloss, but it's extremely pigmented so I would say it's more of a satin liquid lipstick. It has the "wet look" too it, and it's not drying at all. I love how easy it is to apply this, how it looks and generally how long it lasts too. I've been wearing this one the most out of all three just because I think the colour is absolutely stunning; I'm so glad I managed to get two of these because I never want to run out of it. It's definitely more of an orangey nude than your typical skin colour nude, but I'm sure this would look stunning on any skin tone!

Did you manage to get your hands on this lip set? What are your thoughts?

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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