That Lame Company Haul #2

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Good Morning!
I hope you're having a lovely week.

So it's nearly Friday and it's also nearly pay day, well in a week. So today I'm going to be sharing with you yet another haul from That Lame Company. This time I did order another bundle however instead of the lucky dip I chose the Pick and Mix bundle for £15. In this bundle you can pick, a notebook, three note pads and 8 prints; bargain! I believe this bundle without the sale would come to around £60 or more. So you're really getting a bargain here; say hello students and organised bloggers!

So let's get too it;
 The notebook I decided to pick was the Notes and Dreams, Thoughts and Schemes A5 notebook for £5.49. The reason I chose this was because I love the catchy name of it and how it literally looks like you've swatched nail polish across it. It's beautiful and I could easily look at this all day. Plus, colour makes me happy so this definitely does!
 The first notepad I chose was the "Either way I haven't done this yet" pad which is marble effect! And is also very small. You can pick this up for also £5.49. I think this is so cute. It fits into every bloggers life because of the marble effect too it (this is the only marble thing I own). And well, who doesn't want a small notepad in their collection?
 I also chose the "My Essential Notes" pad for £7.49. The reason I chose this pad was because it's lined! And also I am the best note taker of all note takers. I could take notes on everything and why take notes on a rubbish A4 notepad when you have something so pretty like this notepad?
 The last notepad I chose was the Sponsored Content pad to go with the blogger mail pad which I picked up last week. Honestly, why print off and make your own excel spreadsheets when you can buy a notepad, already made and as pretty as this? Save your time! You can pick this up for £10.49 on it's own.
As I also had 8 prints to choose, I decided to go for the customisable foil prints which are A5! You can pick these up for £4.99 each or you can buy these in bundles too. I absolutely loved these because you can create your own prints from the range of four different fonts and loads of different colours. I am a quote freak and if I could have quotes covering my bedroom walls; I would. They make me feel so inspired and motivated. So I decided to pick out the quotes which I pretty much live my life by which I always want to have with me. I may actually base a blog post on each of these quotes; interested? Let me know. But definitely check That Lame Company out even if it's just for prints; they're incredible.

Have you bought from That Lame Company? What's your favourite item?

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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