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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Good Morning!
I hope you're having a lovely day.

I very rarely share hauls with you but I had to share That Lame Company after ordering from Chloe last week! So Chloe has recently started selling bundles over on That Lame Company and I was completely intrigued as soon as I saw them. To begin with I fell in love with the blogging bundle for £13.50, and then I saw a fellow blogger showcase her bundle when she bought the Lucky Dip bundle for £15. I had to order one, there was no turning back! So I also decided to go for the Lucky Dip bundle and I was so pleased with everything I was sent! (I then made another order which I'll be sharing with you soon, so keep your eyes pealed)!

So let's get too it;

 Firstly in my lucky dip bundle, I received the Blogger Mail notepad which to buy on it's own is £10.49; a third of the price you paid for the bundle; incredible! This was one of the products which I was desperate to get my hands on. Although I could simply create my own set up like this either on the computer or in my own note pad, it's just not the same! I needed it done for me, and I love it!
 We've then got the "I should have done this stuff yesterday" note pad; which costs £5.99 alone. That's your £15 spent already on two products and still loads to come! I absolutely love the concept of this notepad; I think it's brilliant. I also love the size of it because you can easily pop this into your bag or even into a coat pocket depending how big your coat is! It's really travel friendly.
 I personally love weekly calender's and this once I was also sent in the bundle which you can buy for as £6.49 alone. I love how pretty the design is and something about That Lame Company which is unique; not every product looks the same! I really enjoy this. 
 Next we have post it notes! My absolute favourite thing in the world. You can pick these up for £5.99 alone! I love post it notes, I also love how it says "just a lil reminder". I'll definitely be using these to remind my boyfriend of everything in the cutest way possible!
 I also received a thank you card! You can buy a pack of four of these four £4.99! I personally never use greeting or thank you cards, however if I ever do; I know where to find one now so thank you Chloe! My favourite thing about this card is how homemade it looks, you can tell by the drawings etc that it's had a lot of thought put into it!
 I don't know what it is about cactus drawings at the moment, but I think they're absolutely adorable. You can pick this Cacti print up for £3.49! How cute would this look in a simple glass frame which you can hang on the wall? Adorable. Love it!
 Of course everyone needs the Bloggers Do It Better quote somewhere in their bedroom! I am so glad Chloe put this in my bundle because I love it! It adds that personal touch to a bloggers room! Along with all the photography equipment, little touches for photos and everything else you have bought just for blogging! But of course, it needs to have the marble background too to suite every blogger's life! This is only £2.49!
 I absolutely love the quote "Do more of what makes you happy"! And I love the way Chloe has created this! I also prefer how it's a smaller size compared to the A5 prints; it's perfect for the typical 6x8 photo frames! This is also only 2.49!
 I will forever and always agree with this quote; it's better to be weird than boring and Chloe has created this in the best colour in the world! It matches my bedroom so I'm happy! By simply spending £2.49, you can add little positive/motivation quotes to your bedroom to put you in the greatest mood!
 I hadn't seen these until I received them and I love them! I think they're a real way to make someone smile! These are £4.99 for all four! Absolutely incredible! The quality is insane too, they're definitely worth the money! For motivational art prints, who would want to say no?
Chloe also popped in a free pencil stating "Make Shit Happen". I no longer use pencils but I'll be sure to use this one just because of what it says! P.S Chloe if you're reading this, where did the pencil come from? I need more!

For £15, I received over £30 worth of products, it's definitely worth checking That Lame Company out and maybe even treating yourself to one of the lucky dips! As a first time buyer from That Lame Company, I'll definitely be going back onto the site! (Although I did the next day).

What's your favourite product from the ones above?

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. Omg! I feel like I need ALL of these bits :D I'm seriously looking for some awesome blogging bits so I'm going to check the site out now :)

    Maria x

  2. Oh wow these look amazing I love stationary! I will definitely be giving this a go!


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