Twelve Weeks Old

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Good morning!
I hope you're having a lovely week.

Eeek it's been twelve weeks since this little monkey was born, can you actually believe it! The past four weeks have gone insanely quick, you honestly have no idea. It's crazy to think we have now had this little sugar plum for four weeks and how much she has developed is incredible!

So today Willow is off to a puppy party! Basically she'll be going to the vets where she has had all of her injections, where she can meet lots of other puppies and interact with them! This is something which she definitely needs as she hides every time she sees another dog at the moment, and people too!
 So last week Willow had her second injection and she put on another wopping 2.5kg, insane! She weighed 9.6kg last weeks, meaning she's probably weighing around 10.8kg today. We shall find out later hopefully! I'm trying to take a similar picture each week of her so we can see how much she grows every single week, and right now; it's extremely quickly!
 Yesterday I took Willow for a walk with my boyfriend and I let the lead go to see what she would do. I started to run slowly and she ran after me, and stopped then came running towards me when I called her. I couldn't help but smile; I'm so proud of her! I also walked away from her and she followed me; ahh!

Although I have Jack Russell's I was always too wary to let them off the lead, and I didn't want them to run away and for me not to be able to catch them (they run so quickly). So I've never taught any of them to walk off the lead but it's something I'd really like Willow to be able to do!
Our current plan is to get Willow away from the other dogs and to train her other tricks. She knows how to sit and give paw with and without food, however we'd like to teach her to stay, stop and also lay down! However, all she wants to do is play and bite at the moment so training is a real mission!
If you want to follow Willow and her life; you can follow her on Instagram here!

I'll be sure to let you know how the party goes later!

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. Aww what a cutie! I remember when my baby was that age.

  2. Eeek she is gorgeous and the pictures are amazing!! German Shepherds are my absolute favourite, they always look so beautiful! :) I like huskies too, so she is perfect! I haven't grown up with pets but my husband has, so he wants a dog one day, our compromise is that we get a German Shepherd. :p
    Great post and again I love the pictures!
    Kelly xx

  3. What an adorable pup! I remember when my collie was that young, now he's such a big boy at 8 months old! Xx

  4. LOOK AT HER ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  5. She's far too beautiful, I'm so jealous! Glad to see she's doing well, I'm loving these puppy update posts :)


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