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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Good Morning!
I hope you're having a lovely day.

One thing I absolutely love about the blogging community is how incredibly lovely some people are. I'd like to say some because we all know that there is always going to someone who isn't a nice as people make out (I'm not indirectly stating anyone, as I don't have anyone in mind), but I bet you're thinking about someone right now as you're reading this. Now, I think it's a really important aspect of the blogging community to share the love of other bloggers. Obviously we do this through the #FF tweet every single Friday to promote the bloggers we think everyone should follow, but sometimes we just need that little bit something more.

So I have absolutely no idea if this is going to be a regular post here on Kimberley Jessica, but I know for definite that it's going to be a post for today because I have to share someone extra special with you.

If you weren't aware there is this small, and when I say small; I mean literally small, blogger called Em or Emma or even some of you may know her as "Oh Fab". So we also know that Em is no longer known as "Oh Fab" and you'll even know her as "Ink Art Love" now, or even as "Em Writes". I'd post her link here, but the thing is; I know she's going to change her blog again very soon which means I'm going to have a broken link *cough cough*; I know you're reading this. So if you want to head on over to her blog; just simply type in Emwrites and then the afterwards. Boom.

I wanted to have Em as my first blogger appreciation because this girl is magical and special, and simply a unicorn. She wishes. But lets be honest, she is pretty damn amazing. 

I started blogging pretty much on a regular basis back in August. This is the time when I also converted my personal twitter into my blog twitter and when I created a blog Instagram too; I was taking blogging very seriously back last summer. However, during this time I felt very lonely too; there were so many bloggers but there was only me and I felt like I was back at school. I felt like I didn't fit in (I still feel like that now sometimes), and while I was trying to make blogger friends, I was finding it really difficult. 

Em was the one person who didn't stop talking to me. She carried on talking to me when I was rambling on about how crap my life was and how much I hated University. She was pretty much the best friend that I've been looking for since I left school which feels like forever ago. She listened and the gave me advise and for a complete stranger to do this, I knew she was a real keeper.

To this day, I am still speaking to this wonderful human being on a regular basis; if not every single day. If I have a problem whether big or small, I can go to Em and she will guide me and motivate me and make me feel ten times better than how I felt before speaking to her. 

This girl is honest, she is real and god damn, she is so so beautiful. She's one blogger which I wait patiently for to publish a post. I even begged her to put her blog live ASAP because I was so excited to read her posts as I had been missing them more than anything.

If you hadn't heard of Em before reading this post, then please, oh pretty please go and check her out. You'll find her over on her Twitter (Inkartlove); apologies if this does change, I will update it if any social media names do change! Or over on her Instagram (Inkartlove) or (Emwritesx). But she's a blogger who needs some recognition in this beautiful blogging world.

Have a lovely Thursday and I'll see you soon!

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. A610! Thank you so much for this post. I know I'm a massive pain in the ass, but I'm going to try my best to stick to what we've decided I do haha. WE. So glad to have met you (online met you haha), and roll on next week where we actually get to see each other! SO EXCITED! X


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