Motivational Monday #14

Monday, April 17, 2017

(Pictures taken from Pinterest)
Good Morning!
I hope you're having a fantastic bank holiday.

Last night I came across a picture on Pinterest and it made me remember the reason why I went into studying a degree. It also made me think about the reason why I started my blog. If you can make someone else happy while doing something that makes you happy; would you continue to do it? Of course you would and it pushes you to do more of what you love. 

I started my degree because I watched a child learn something whilst I was helping her in her class during Maths; the feeling of knowing I helped her learn was incredible and I could have done it over and over again, whatever the subject. Now, it's pretty similar with my blog too; if not, it's the same. On so many occasions I have had people letting me know how a blog post has made them feel, or how it has helped them in one way or another and this constantly reminds me why I'm still blogging.

Now, I know that I am not the only person who has wanted to quit blogging or questioned why I even started, I'm sure at some point every single blogger has experienced this. Just remember, if you're making at least one person happy then what you're doing is completely worth it.
So while we're all now thinking about every occasion when we have made someone happy, lets think about the reason why we started our blog, or started a certain job or even started studying. Write down all of the positive reasons why you started doing every single thing you do. Is it still worth it? Is it worth all of the break downs (if you have any), and is it worth the stress every now and then?

Remember, obstacles are put in the way to challenge you, to push you and make you succeed. They're not in the way to push you down and make you fail. Embrace the obstacles, take on the challenges at full speed and continue to do what you're doing, because you're doing a pretty good damn job at it.

What ever you're doing this Bank Holiday Monday, I hope you have a lovely day full of smiles and positivity.

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. It's clear to see why these are called 'Motivational Monday' posts. You have truly motivated me to try harder and overcome the obstacles that are placed in my path. You're inspiring x

  2. Such great positive Monday quotes


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