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Monday, April 24, 2017

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I hope you have had a wonderful weekend.

I am back from having a few days away from blogging and today I'm going to share with you my Spring makeup essentials. Recently whenever I have shared a picture of myself I have had so many questions asking how I make my skin so glowing while also looking like I have no makeup on at the same time. Now, this comes down to 9 products, but I also had to complete the makeup look with a lip stick of some sort, so we'll make it 10 products, possibly 11 including a moisturiser. Now, every single one of these products are affordable, whether you're still at school, a student or you just generally need to stick to a budget; this makeup look is for you.

So lets get too it;
 The first product I use which I'm currently trailing out is the Superdrug own brand, contouring cream. Now, I'm not entirely sure if this makes a difference to my glowing skin but, it's a part of my daily routine so I had to include it. This product is supposed to tighten your skin and make it feel plump. I've only been using it for a few weeks now, so I'll definitely let you know if I see a difference.
 I also currently use a primer. I have two primers from Makeup Revolution and I either use the spray, or the gel. It depends what mood I'm in. I have definitely found the spray makes my skin look very glowing and wide awake; I love the way this works. I'd definitely have to say my concealer stays on so much longer with this underneath.
 I then apply the Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream onto my cheeks, just to give my face a little bit more glow before I apply concealer. I've found this makes my skin look a lot more vibrant and a little less "dull", I'd say. It's easy to apply, it sinks into your skin extremely well, instead of just sitting on top of your skin and my skin looks incredible throughout the day when I use this. I can tell the difference between when I'm wearing this and when I'm not.
 Of course I have to apply concealer. I do not have incredible skin, I have scars from where I've had spots (my skin scars extremely easily), and I have marks from where I've had chicken pox when I was younger. It's extremely annoying when a spot leaves a mark from where it used to be so the Collection lasting perfection concealer is my best friend when it comes to this. We all know how great this is and I'm pretty sure we all use this!
However, I do use the MUA cover and conceal concealer for underneath my eyes. I've found this concealer is a lot less thick underneath my eyes, but it brightens underneath my eyes an incredible amount. I'd say it's not full coverage, but it's possibly medium to full? I'm now on my third tube of this, I love and use it so much. 
I've found when I want a glowing makeup look, the one thing I try not to do is use any powder products. Therefore, to contour I have been loving the Makeup Revolution contour stick I'm going to call it, I'm not sure what the exact name is as I've used it so much, it has rubbed off. I love this. It's a perfect shade for pale skin. It's not orange, it's easy to blend and it makes my cheeks look incredible. I loveee this. Please bring this out as an individual item Makeup Revolution.
Before applying mascara, I now set all of my makeup with the Makeup Revolution Fixing Spray. I never used to do this, but I bought it in a set of products which I purchased at Christmas and I wanted to give it a go. I'll let you know my thoughts on whether or not this works! I have found applying it after mascara makes my mascara smudge onto my face; not fun!
I always use two mascaras just because I love to have thick long lashes. My current go to mascaras' are the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara and the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Class Act Mascara. So, the Soap and Glory mascara gives me the thickness and a lot of length, whereas the Joan Collins mascara then gives me the volume and a heck load more length. I love having fluttery long lashes and these mascaras' work wonders together.
Last but not least, for Spring I love to wear a nude lip and the Technic Juicy Sticks are perfect for this. They're not matte, they're definitely "juicy" and they make a spring, dewy look complete! I love these because they are affordable, they are easy to apply and they last for a long period of time as well without having to reapply! It's definitely perfect for anyone who works and doesn't have time to reapply throughout the day, multiple times a day.

What's your go to makeup essentials for Spring?

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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