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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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I've seen a lot of these posts currently going around my twitter feed because as we all know, 13 Reasons Why is the current TV series which nearly everyone is watching. I wanted to speak about 13 Reasons Why because it made me feel something which I never wanted to feel again. If you've attempted suicide then you're going to know exactly what I'm talking about. Now, something I do have to say is, 13 Reasons Why is an incredible TV series. It sums up everything which a victim goes through and it sums up our current society when it comes to bullying. It's true how in fact School's could not give a damn if someone is being bullied. They ignore that matter or they blame it on the victim and say they brought it on themselves, and then it's brushed underneath the carpet and forgotten about by all staff members. That's something I have personally experienced and can relate to.

Not only do School's not give a damn about people who are being bullied, but the students are just as bad. Relating to Hannah's story; if you've been bullied then you know that everything she did was a call for help, you knew that she was suffering and that she needed someone to listen. We all knew this to be honest, but the thing is; the people who she was asking couldn't see it. They thought she was attention seeking, that she just wanted to cause drama; and that's where this society absolutely sucks because people are actually more worried about themselves than to think deeper and truly see that someone is suffering and calling for help.

13 Reasons Why is a real heart sobbing series; it will break your heart again and again and again. But for me, the series didn't truly break me until I heard Clay's story, but then again when he said you can try and love someone back to life, because the truth is; you can. When someone is feeling they cannot carry on or they believe they shouldn't be in this world because everyone is against them, the one thing which will bring them the happiness they need is someone who will love them. Someone who ignores all of the drama, the rumours and the lies but sees the person for who they are inside. Some people don't realise it, but these people are around. There are people that ignore the world and see someone for who they are but it's very rare to find them especially when you're looking for them as well. 

Once again, another part of the series which broke me was when Hannah said she didn't deserve Clay and how he deserved so much more. We all sat there shouting at the tv saying "you do deserve him Hannah", but when you're dug deep so down into the ground, all you believe is how you're not good enough for anyone and you're going to break every single person which you come into contact with. It's hard hitting, but it's true.

13 Reasons Why made me think about the reasons why I attempted suicide and when I thought about it; holy crap, there was more than 13 reasons. But then again what happened to Hannah, happened in less than a few months maybe? We're not entirely sure. When I was watching 13 Reasons Why, I was hoping that every single person who has bullied someone in their life felt guilty and ashamed, because while they are bullying someone, no they're probably not thinking about how it's making that person feel and the only reason why it broke every single person that bullied Hannah was because she told them the reason why she killed herself and they realised how actually they were to blame.

If you know someone is suffering, please do not let them suffer in silence. If you know that someone is thinking about suicide, or even if they're self harming; do something about it. Or if you know that someone thinks the world is against them, give them the love they need and don't let them go. Your actions can do anything, it can take someone down like a bullet, or it can make someone feel like they're the only thing in this world; but it's entirely up to you how you'd like to make someone feel.

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Kimberley Jessica


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  1. I love the series and that it is finally showing what high school is really like, I love the way you have worded your overview. Chelsea x

  2. This is such a good post! I have been uming and aring on whether or not to watch 13 Reasons Why because there seems to be really mixed opinions. But, after this post I might just have to watch it. Keep smiling lovely! - Keighley (

  3. I thought it was well filmed but I do agree that some of the messages about suicide may be interpreted differently!
    I may have to read the book now though, apparently there are quite a few differences in the story line.
    xxxx 🌸

  4. Really, reallg great post! I loved the series and wrote a post on it myself. Personally I have never been through something like that but it's so nice to see that this show is being recognised for what it is and is helping people like yourself who have been through it! Much love x

  5. I liked it in a weird way but I wouldn't watch it again.
    Lovely review on in!

  6. It definitely is a heart throbbing series! I did a boo on my opinions over ok my blog :)

  7. Awesome take on the show! I myself binged watched the show! I was so hooked! Great post!

  8. This show broke me. I could relate to Hannah so much, and I know there are so many others out there who can. And so many who are not around anymore because of situations like that. I hate bullies, I was bullied and I watched others be bullied. Words mean a lot. Some people think it's corny to say something nice to someone, but in reality, your comment could change their mindset. They may be feeling down or alone, and just by you being nice, you could give them some hope that they're not.

    Even before this show came out, I always tried to be mindful of what I say as I know it can have such a big impact on someone. My policy is 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all'. Even to bullies. I'm 28 and at uni, and there's a girl ten years younger than me, and she says stuff to me and other people in my class. I don't retaliate though. I just smile and nod my head, which to some is me being defeated. But why should I bring myself down to that level, what does it achieve? NOTHING.

    I read your post a while back, but I never knew what to say. I'm just sorry that you ever felt that you needed to escape the world in that way. I'm glad you're still here, otherwise I would have never of met you! X


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