Weekly Round Up #13

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Good Morning!
I hope you have had a wonderful week.

Do you remember that time when I used to write up posts and schedule them for weeks in advance? Yep, me too! But not anymore. I'm currently writing this post an hour before it goes live, and quickly doing it before I head on out for a days adventure with the puppies. So this week has been the first week of my half term break from university and work; meaning that I should have been finishing off my essay which is due next month. But this hasn't been the case. Don't worry, I do plan on adding to my essay tomorrow and possibly another day during the week. I won't be leaving it till the last minute! However, I have been enjoying the sun which has made an appearance this week.

I haven't wrote an update on Willow in two weeks now, and I weren't sure whether to share her 16 week update with you. But I do have to let you know that she's now weighing 15.8kg. 4.1kg more than three weeks ago; absolutely crazy. I've finally managed to teach Willow hot to sit, and then go on further to lay down. It's been hard work but she's finally there! I would love to know if you're still interested in the updates and progress of Willow as she grows into an adult dog as I'm more than happy to carry on with these posts.

I'm so pleased to say I have now had my triple forward helix pierced. Last week's weekly round up mentioned how I had my first hole pierced ready to have the other two holes pierced in three weeks time. But I am impatient and I want them to all heal at the same time so they can all eventually look pretty together. Therefore, yesterday I just did it and my boyfriend took me to get them pierced for the final time. That's 21 piercings in total now; one more than what I wanted but I personally think the forward helix looks so much better with three than one or two. As usual I will be posting progress pictures over on my twitter (@kimberleyjessca) or on my personal instagram (@kimmcpherson_).

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday, I'm off to Dobbs Weir! See you tomorrow!

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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