5 Things That Make Me Happy

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Good Morning!
I hope you're having a lovely week.

On the note of feeling absolutely rubbish for a couple of weeks now and feeling extremely uninspired, I figured a great way of feeling motivated and inspired again is to think about the things that do make me happy and the positive aspects of my general life and the blogging community too. So why not create a post all about it? So I'm going to be sharing 5 things which make me happy. These things are in my private life but also in my "blogging" life too. 

So lets get too it;

1. The support I'm given.
For so long in my life I haven't been given much support by "friends", whether we're talking about School or College, but being a blogger now; the support is incredible. We all know there will be bitches somewhere and thank god I haven't come across anyone who has been bitchy towards me. But I'm completely grateful for every single person who supports me, my blog and everything else which I bring to my social media.

2. Pizza. Oh a lot of pizza.
I always some how manage to forget how much I love pizza and I have to include pizza in this post. Whenever I'm feeling rubbish, pizza is always my go to, favourite comfort food and it always makes me feel so much better eating something that I absolutely love even when my eczema and skin hates it!

3. Books.
I also always forget that reading makes me feel so relaxed. If I'm feeling stressed, uptight or upset, reading will relax me, every single time. It takes me to somewhere else and every book I read, the place is always different. Soppy books, adventure books, any type of book is a place for me to escape.

4. Pokemon GO.
So in the past couple of days I've been playing Pokemon GO again. I say the last couple of days; it's not been a week. When I was at work last week my boyfriend had an urgent call explaining that he found something that was missing from our lives; and he meant Pokemon GO. We stopped playing it last August because of the update which completely ruined the game but, we're back at it again and absolutely loving it! The amount I am walking right now is insane; 18,000 steps on Tuesday; it's madness! But it makes me happy and that's all that matters.

5. Knowing I make other people happy.
Something I absolutely love to do is make people happy, or even making people smile or laugh. I feel it's something I'm definitely good at purely because I'm a completely weirdo when you get to know me. Recently I was asked why I love blogging and I explained because I'm able to make a difference to at least one person's life and I can make them happy and they asked me how do I know that I make them happy. My answer to this is; if I write a post and it's made someone feel something, they tell me. Whether they leave a comment or they message me privately or across Social Media; they let me know how my posts have effected them and that makes me feel incredible knowing I can make a difference.

What makes you happy?

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. I used to love Pokemon Go! It used to keep me semi-healthy, except all the good Pokemon used to hang out by my local McDonalds ��


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