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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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Today I'm going to be sharing with you my top summer nail picks because well, we all know I blimming love nail varnish. I remember last year I think most of my top picks were the same brand, and they were bright, colourful and pretty much the rainbow but this year I'm sure there's a theme going on with my nails. Blue, orange, pink and peachy shades; YES PLEASE! I love them. Every single nail varnish below is affordable for absolutely everyone, some are a lot cheaper than others but the quality is just as great.
 Firstly is Rimmel London's 403; Orgasm. Who doesn't love a bright orange in the Summer? I love it! This is part of the Rita Ora Nail Varnish Collection as part of Rimmel London and oh my, her collection is absolutely gorgeous; I have so many of the shades. I have gone through so many different brands trying to find the perfect orange nail varnish and this is definitely the one; drying in only 60 seconds and it doesn't go gooey and clumpy like so many orange nail varnishes do.
 Next in line we have Rimmel London 415; Instyle Coral. I think Coral is one of them colours which is becoming more and more popular as the years go by (I absolutely love it and even my bedroom is painted coral). Compared to the blue shade further below, this nail varnish only requires one coat to have an even layer of nail varnish which is perfect if you're in a rush as it only takes 60 seconds to dry too.
 One of my absolute favourites is the Accessorize in 36; Savannah. I have used this nail varnish so much, it's half empty; which is so sad because I'm not entirely sure if Accessorize still sell it. I absolutely love glitter when it comes to Summer, and even every season to be quite honest and this glitter just goes with every nail polish; it's absolutely stunning. You can either apply this using the brush or paint a sponge and then dab it over your nail to have more glitter.
 A new favourite of mine is Majique; Irridescent. I am completely and utterly obsessed with irridescent nail varnishes and you can see over on my instagram @kimberleyjesscanails how this nail varnish looks out of the bottle. It is stunning! It dries quickly and to be honest you could get away with only one coat, or with two coats you'll have more of a buildable and pigmented result.
 Of course another Rimmel London in the shade 503; Mind the Gap, Victoria. This is one of my favourite shades of blue; not quite as dark as sky blue but close enough; it's beautiful and perfect for the sunny weather. I love the Rimmel 60 second range because they are literally 60 seconds to dry (as long as you don't use the thickest coat of nail varnish). Although I may need more than one coat with this shade, who cares? It doesn't take long to dry.
A good old Primark nail varnish which sadly does not have a shade name or number but it's the bright pink in the gel effect range. I absolutely love the gel effect range in Primark because not only are the colours highly pigmented, quick to dry and only require one coat; they generally last a long time too! They're perfect for holidays and festivals where you don't have to worry about the nail varnish picking off.
Last but not least we have an old Primark nail varnish as part of their 3d range which also sadly does not have a shade name or number, but it is a gorgeous electric blue. I bought this years ago and I'm talking 4/5 years ago but it is still an absolute favourite of mine and even though I've used it so much, there's still a lot in the bottle; thank god! Although this nail varnish takes a while to dry, it only requires one coat which makes my life so much easier. 

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Kimberley Jessica


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  1. That rimmel "Mind The Gap" is a gorgeous shade. I have one very similar from Barry M from the Gelly Shine range; it was my absolute favourite a few years back and I've rediscovered it recently just in time for this summer :-)
    Sarah x


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