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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Good Morning!
I hope you're having a great start to the week.

Today I am going to be sharing with you the Cohorted; Be You Be Beautiful Beauty Subscription Box. Some of you may have already heard of the Cohorted Beauty Box as it floats around Youtube, but if you have never heard of it before then it is a luxury subscription box which costs £35 every single month where you will have the most beautiful black box (pictured below) delivered right to your door. The best thing about Cohorted is although you are spending £35 a month for a box of goodies to be delivered, you will always receive up to £70 of gifts inside, if not more which is incredible for a beauty box; so you will always be doubling your money of what is inside this beautiful black box.
 In every single Cohorted Beauty Box you will always find an A5 magazine which will tell you everything you need to know about the products which are inside the box. So you can go straight ahead and look at the magazine first and read up about the products before handling the products and smelling them etc; or you can do it the other way around. I prefer to look at the products first before looking through the magazine but that's just my preference!
 What I absolutely loved about opening up the Cohorted Beauty Box is how every single product is laid out right in front of you in the neatest way possible; not messy, not just thrown in there. You can really tell this has had time put into to make it look the way it does. Having it this way you can open up the box and see exactly what is inside without having to move things around first just to have a look at them.
As shown below, in this box you will find; Too Faced Born This Way Concealer, Apple and Bears Body Wash, Chirp Body Softness Natural Hair Mask, Mac False Lashes Extreme Black and Paul Yacomine; Huile De Parfum. For just the hair mask, perfume and body oil and the concealer; these products total up to £66 without the body wash and the MAC sample mascara which is incredible; already doubled what you're paying for. 
You know you'll love a beauty subscription box when you have already started using the products in it. I am absolutely in love with the Too Faced Concealer; who wouldn't be? Although it's slightly darker than my skin tone; by using a beauty blender I'm able to blend the colour out more than using a brush so it doesn't look too bad! It's a great coverage concealer and oh so creamy! Although I personally wouldn't spend £20 on a concealer, I'm so glad I received it in this box.

I have also been loving the Apple and Bears Body Wash; I received this in the scent "Pomegranate and Aloe Vera" which are two scents which I generally love anyway! It's a perfect travel sized bottle, so I tend to use it if I'm going to my boyfriend's which saves taking a huge bottle of body wash with me; but this bottle will even be perfect when it's empty as I can refill with another body wash!

I haven't tried the hair mask yet but I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on either my Instagram or I'll review it here on my blog to let you know what my thoughts were on it and whether it made my hair feel or look silky smooth.

Have you subscribed to the Cohorted Beauty Box? If you haven't, as a new subscriber you can receive a free gift of a Creme Smooth Lip Colour using the code "COHORTEDGIFTME"

This post features product(s) which were sent to me for review purposes however all opinions are my own.

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. This is an amazing box but I wish they would ask what shade you need for the concealer! xx

  2. Seems like a really cool box, looks so chic too!

    Anika xo |


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