August MeeBox Review

Sunday, August 20, 2017

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I'm so excited to finally be sharing with you the August MeeBox which you can subscribe to here to receive a different box every single month! MeeBox was created by three girls; one based in Florida, one based in LA and the last girl being based in London; they created the MeeBox for a variety of different reasons but the most important reason being they all love nail varnish and having their nails done. You can find so much information about the three girls here. It's completely normal to see beauty boxes such as the Birch Box and many others which are flying all over the internet with many people grabbing their hands on them; but it's very rarely you'll find a beauty box specifically all about nails and that is why I'm looking forward to sharing this box with you.
We all know I absolutely love doing my nails and my nail varnish collection is growing by the week, I'm sure I probably own over 200 nail varnishes now. So when I received this and knew my package was all about birds of paradise; I did get a little bit excited! I say a little bit, I mean a lot! I love when my nails stand out. One thing I absolutely love just about the packaging is how it looks very "homemade"; it doesn't look like a computer has done all of the work and gives it that homemade, hand drawn touch which I love in beauty boxes.
 So as I have mentioned, the August MeeBox was based on Birds of Paradise so you can probably expect what to find inside; red's, greens and something which has a bird on; right? Well, I was completely right when I opened this month's box up! Another real winner in my books is the packaging inside of the box; how beautiful is the rainbow paper; I'd love to use this as wrapping paper; or maybe even cover my bedroom in it! It definitely goes with the theme of the box.
 Inside this month's box I found three nail varnishes, a nail stamp with the nail art prints and although it's not shown in below's picture because it was hiding away under the shredded paper; there was also a nail corrector; insane! that's six different things all within one box. As you can see below, there were the beautiful red and green nail varnishes but it doesn't stop there. The green nail varnish wasn't just a standard green; you look at it one way and it's purple, you look at it from another direction and it's green; how incredible does this box get?
 I also absolutely love the light grey shade which is perfect for create a base for your nails, and using the coloured nail varnishes to created a beautiful printed pattern on your nails. I think this box would be perfect for creating festival themed nails if you love paradise and summery themes. You can pick up a MeeBox for just £20 a month and as you can see, the contents of the box definitely comes to more than the £20 you're spending every single month. However, you pay for a 3 month subscription, you'll only be paying £18 a month which is even better. You can find out more about the subscription services here
I absolutely loved this month's MeeBox and I cannot wait to start using the nail art stamps to create some beautiful birds of paradise themed nails! Make sure to keep an eye out on my Instagram accounts @kimberleyjessca and @kimberleyjesscanails because you never know when I'll post a picture using this beautiful tool!

Have you subscribed to a beauty box before? Let me know which one!

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. Those stamps are so cool, can't wait to see what you make with them!
    Jen, Velvet Spring x


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