Magnitone London Barefaced Review

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Recently I have been putting more effort and time into my skincare routine on a daily/weekly basis since starting my new contraceptive pill. I have suffered with annoying skin for fair few years now but since changing my pill for what feels like the billionth time, my skin finally looks and feels great. I have used this advantage to take more care of my skin and using products which I wouldn't usually use. I now cleanse my skin every morning and evening and I take time nearly every other evening to put on a face mask and relax; something I definitely never used to do.

For a couple of months now I have been using the Magnitone London Barefaced brush and I have been absolutely loving it. Not only is it in my favourite colour and matches nearly everything in my bedroom; it does an incredible job at making my skin feel and look how I want it too. It's never felt this clean!
 The Barefaced brush is waterproof; something you wouldn't usually find in a cleansing brush and that's something I genuinely love! It means I can spend a couple more minutes in the shower while waiting for my conditioner or hair mask to do it's shizzle while I make my skin feel great! It also means washing the brush is so much easier because you do not need to worry about it breaking as it can get completely wet. 
 The brush has two different speeds; by pressing once you have the daily cleanse speed and pressing it twice you have the PulseLift speed. On a daily basis I prefer to use the daily cleanse speed, however on the last day of the week I'll use the PulseLift just to give it that extra bit of cleansing. 

You can use this brush with whatever you'd like to use it with; I know a lot of people just use water and that's completely fine! I prefer to rub a cleanser slightly into my skin and then go over my skin with the brush until it's completely absorbed in. I found by doing this I get the best results and my skin looks glowing and hydrated afterwards.
The brush makes a nose every time you should move onto the next part of your face, however if you're not done yet then you can just keep going; it doesn't matter! The brush will then turn off after one minute, but you can just turn it back on if you want to go over your face again. 

In the box you will find a charger which you can plug into any USB plug or even your laptop; it's very versatile and easy to travel with, even if you go to another country! As well as this, what makes it waterproof is how the charging point comes off the brush itself as it's magnetic; you never have ot worry about wrecking where you charge it. I have absolutely no idea how it keeps the brush working through a magnet, but it does and it's mind blowing. As well as a charger, you get a cap to keep your brush clean from dirty, dust and hair and a travel bag to keep it in if you're going away (or if you just want to keep it safe in your bedroom or bathroom). 

Although the Barefaced Brush is £70 which may seem quite a lot of money, especially for students; it comes with a two year warranty so if anything goes wrong; you can just send it back! As well as this, when you register it you will get £5 off to spend on their website; so it's perfect if you want to get any extra bits to add to your skincare routine.

Have you tried out a cleansing brush before? Let me know your thoughts.

This post features product(s) which were sent to me for review purposes however all opinions are my own.

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