Motivational Monday #21

Monday, August 28, 2017

Good Morning!
I hope you're having a great Bank Holiday.

We all know how much I blimming love positivity and I would genuinely love for the whole world to see my bedroom so they can see how many quotes I have across my walls; a heck load and I'm not stopping yet! I think positivity is one of those things in life that you always need; there will never be a day where you do not need some sort of motivation or positive comment to get you through a rough, shitty patch. This weekend I put up two quotes in frames on my wall (a third one is to come) and I am now completely obsessed, it really ties everything in. These quotes are from VeryVez (I'm sure you've heard of them whether that's on my Instagram, Twitter of over on here), but every morning I wake up and these quotes are on the wall next to my head; what a better view to wake up to than a positive quote to get you started and since they've been on my wall, they have made such a difference to my outlook each day.
I live for quotes and any quote to be honest, and I love making them my own. So for once I'm not going to leave a caption under each picture in this post because I created them and I do not need to; yay! 

I wanted to share the post above because it's truly spot on for every situation. Growing up and becoming an adult I had absolutely no confidence in anything I wanted to do and driving is something which really showed me how this quote is pretty much 100% accurate. You can do anything; you should do anything and if you start, you will do it. It's as easy as that. But behind it all you need to believe that you can, and that all comes from having a positive outlook.

Every single week I tidy my bedroom, I throw out at least one bin bag if not two and my room does not look any different and having a small boxed bedroom; this is what happens. But once again this bank holiday weekend I have been tackling it again and I've actually started to make it look different; it looks better, it looks tidier and now that I've started, I know that I bloody well can do it and although I'd tidy it every single week and not make a difference; I knew one day I would.
So no matter what you're doing and whatever you may be struggling with; just remember, make small steps every day if you do not think you can do it all in one day; small steps tend to be better. And remember; You can, you should and if you start; I promise, you will!

Have a lovely Bank Holiday Monday!

Let me know what you're getting up to today.

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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