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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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I'm sure many of you are probably here because the word Organic is in the title; yes! Today I am bringing you a review of an Organic skincare brand in America which has created six sheet masks in total using completely organic ingredients! Yay! Orgaid is a sheet mask company which I never heard of before until a lady popped me an email and mentioned their name. Although they are based in America, you can buy their sheet masks here in the UK on Live In The Light which means all you lovely ladies (and gentlemen) in the UK can buy these if you would like too right here.

I recently read up about how these sheet masks work and they pretty much amazed me and I'm sure they'll amaze you as well;
There's this fabric called Ecoderma' which prevents fast evaporation of serum for ingredients so they are able to penetrate into the skin while your skin can still actually breathe. There's then antioxidants in these masks which exfoliate the dead skin and clear our pores for us, yay! While the exfoliation is happening, all of the organic botanicals and vitamins are going into our skin which then increases regeneration and rejuvenation of extracellular matrix including collagen; making our skin feel and look incredible. I don't know about you, but that's pretty incredible for a sheet of fabric!
Although I desperately wanted to take before and after photos of the process of using the mask, I was so into using the mask; I completely forgot to so we'll completely ignore that! 
I tend to stay away from sheet masks as I have used a couple which have upset my skin and made it fairly irritated however I was looking forward to using this one because it's organic; all of the ingredients in this sheet mask are completely safe and there are no chemicals in it. So apart from the Aloe Vera which I knew was in it which my skin can be quite funny with; what else would go wrong?

Although the mask is generally rather huge (and I thought I had quite a large face), I found it quite difficult to keep the mask actually on my face as it was far too big. The hole for the mouth was in the completely wrong place and the holes for the eyes were rather small; but I guess you can't get it perfect for every single person, everyone is different! But apart from the general size and shape of the mask, I cannot fault it one bit. The overall scent weren't bad, you could feel the mask was creamy and moisturising and I had no irritation what so ever throughout the duration of the mask being on my face, and after I removed it. I was able to see visible differences from using the mask; I found my skin tone looked more even and definitely more vibrant afterwards.

For a sheet mask which cost just £8, which you can also buy in a multi-pack of more than one; it's a brand I would 100% go back to for many different reasons. It's organic; I had no irritation and I saw visible results from just one mask. If you're in the UK, you can buy the mask here; or if you're in the USA, you can buy this mask here.

If you have tried this brand, let me know your thoughts!

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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