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Monday, August 07, 2017

Good Morning!
I hope you're having a great start to the week.

I'm starting the week off with an inspiring quote which you can find below; Motivation, Inspiration, Dedication = Success. There's no lie about it, I am a complete sucker for quotes especially if they're prints too; I do not have enough wall space for them all. However, I do also love an inspirational/motivational pinterest board to keep me going.

Something I had never done previously until I found out about That Lame Company was to actually buy printed quotes; I've just never bothered. Apart from the wall stickers which look absolutely fabulous and I have three in total which take up every single space on my wall which I have. But I absolutely loved Chloe's prints on That Lame Company with the foiled fonts and how gorgeous they looked (yet I still haven't found a way to put these into my bedroom without it looking messy, I have eight in total). 

I came across VeryVez on Instagram and I was rather intrigued because instead of foil prints, these prints were plain and a black font which were also printed onto A4 instead of A5; another real winner. There are a mixture of quotes. arty prints and so much more and they're all personalised and custom!  
Around a month ago Vicky was looking for bloggers to promote her brand and that's where we are today; I was one of the few people which were chosen and I couldn't be happier; I absolutely love Vicky and she's a joy to work with! Vicky is the owner of VeryVez, an Esty shop which sells the most beautiful prints at a high quality too; I have to mention here that postage is also free in the UK; hooray! Not everywhere does this. There were so many prints to chose from, but knowing what I like most it was rather easy to pin down around three or four which I loved the most as they were very me.  

I chose the quote above because it's realism. You need motivation, inspiration and dedication to be able to succeed in anything you want to do and I found this linked to every aspect in my life from work, blogging to my student life. It pretty much summed me and my life up and that's the reason why I thought this quote was perfect for me. I have finally found the cutest white frame for it too (B&M stock beautiful frames). 

If you are obsessed with quotes just as much as I am and have enough wall space to hang quotes which sum up your life or even the most beautiful paintings/drawings, I recommend checking out VeryVez on Instagram and Etsy as you can buy three prints and get one free! You can also receive 10% off using the code "KIMBERLEY10" (I have to mention I am not being paid every time someone uses this code, so do not be afraid to use it as much as you want).

What's your favourite quote?

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. My favourite quote would probably be "What's meant to be will always find a way". Or "No pain, no gain" seems good as well. x
    Lauraconteur ♥


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