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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Good Morning!
I hope you're having a great start to the weekend.

I haven't been posting frequently for the past month and I'm sure many of you know why if you follow me on Twitter! For the past four weeks I have been working at a Summer Camp which was a first for me as it's something I have never done before but it was building on so many skills I already have. Something all students struggle with is knowing whether or not to have a Summer job; do we want to have the summer off to do whatever we want to do, or do we want to earn some extra cash. As I work in a school, I'm on a salary so regardless of whether I found a Summer job, I would still have an income coming in which was paying for my bills; but having six weeks off just seemed a little bit too much for me when I need to always be doing something.

I decided to apply for Barracudas back in November last year for a four week period. A time for me to not only gain some more experience working with children but to also have the experience working somewhere different apart from a school and that's an area I found absolutely great because you can never have too much experience! I chose to work for four weeks because originally I thought I'd be having three days a week off (the weekend and one day during the week), so in total it wouldn't be four weeks straight and it would also be broken up. Working a full time job is something I have never done before and struggling with always feeling tired, I knew this job would take absolutely everything out of me (which it did for the whole four weeks). However, after starting my job I found out although my contract stated I'd be working four days a week, I was actually needed for the whole five because I was working at a huge camp; fair enough, but they could have just told me this from the very beginning when I applied? Instead of once I actually started the job. This is when my blog posts started to decrease because I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with a post every single day, working nine hours a day and going to sleep between 8-9pm every single day; it's impossible.

Regardless of the fact I had to work five days instead of four, which wasn't a huge issue because it meant I had more money coming in every single week; I found the job itself was pretty great! I worked with 6 year old's during my first week and 5 year old's during my second and third week. Even though I had enough of my group by the third week; I knew it wouldn't be forever so that was fine, I got over feeling like shit all the time. My final week I was supposed to be working with 9/10 year old's; I could not wait! An age range I haven't worked with before. Going into my final week everything was messed up and someone else took my role of working with the older group of children and I was stuck being a roamer (going to whichever group needed me at a certain time during the day based on ratios/numbers of children to staff). This is when my last week went pretty worse very quickly. 

Although I was unable to work with the group I wanted to work with, I was gaining experience working with every single group in camp from 4 to 14 year old's; incredible! I did enjoy going round from group to group. But it's when the bitchiness started in camp when things were pretty dreadful and I started to dislike it. Have you ever had someone come into a work place or even school and everyone's behaviour completely changes? Well that's what happened. One person comes back to work and that's it, so many people turned two faced and negative in the space of not even an hour. Have you ever been told you were hitting on someone who is gay? Even though everyone knows you have been in a relationship for three years. Now that's something else that happened, absolutely ridiculous! To top off my week, I got home on Friday and found someone had gone through my bag and was eating sweets which I had left in there for once I got to my boyfriend's. What happened to common principles? 

Working at a Summer camp is great if you're looking for more experience working in a different environment or if you want the chance to work with different age ranges or even meeting new people who are your own age. I met some incredible people who I had the chance to work with for four weeks and I'm glad I had that opportunity. But the only downside to working in a Summer Camp for me was the organisation from higher up in the company and the clickyness between girls; something I cannot seem to ever escape no matter where I go. Something I am continuously getting better at dealing with is girls and their bitchiness. When I had it at school it completely broke me and to this day I'm still not over it, but working at the camp it took me one day to be pissed off with them and the day after I was completely fine. Although it isn't an experience you want to have to deal with and it can always be a struggle to know how to deal with it; the more it occurs, the more you learn how to deal with it in a quicker and easier way. Maybe one day I'll be able to just ignore it and keep going without having to get pushed down first.

Have you ever thought about working with children or even at a Summer camp?

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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