Comparing Black Peel Off Masks

Friday, September 08, 2017

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This post has been one of those which has sat in my diary for a good few months now just waiting for the right time and I can finally share with you what I think of two different black peel off masks. When I try out a new skincare product or even a hair care product I always like to take my time and fully test out the product to determine what I truly think about it. So although it may take me two or three months to try out a product; I always come out with a final verdict.

So, we all know black peel off masks are the current in thing and everyone is using them, right? I remember seeing videos of people covering themselves in black peel off masks and ripping it off their entire body in a lot of pain; complete idiots? Yep I think so. I'm not one to conflict pain on myself for absolutely no reason unless it's a piercing, then that's necessary. So I have only tried this out on my face and not my entire body; I'm sorry to disappoint!

I have been trying out two brands which you may or may not have heard of; Shills and Revuele. Two skincare brands and two brands which I have heard a lot about. They both come in a similar style tube; black with the standard brands logo across it, including details about what the peel of mask is. Pretty standard for both brands but both represents their individual branding and marketing overall.
 The Revuele mask is priced at £4.95 on Amazon; a fairly cheap and low priced face mask if you ask me compared to others I have tried. It's a price I would definitely pay for a peel off mask, even as a student. It has been mentioned how this mask is film based on activated carbon. This carbon is developed for effective skin cleansing and to fight acne and blackheads; what we expect from a peel off mask. 

I tried this mask out after trying out the Shills mask and when it comes to the consistency and the mask overall I found when I was applying this it was a lot more runny compared to the Shills peel off mask and it weren't as thick either once I applied it onto my skin which I found surprising.

The mask does in fact remove black heads and dead skin from your skin, however as the mask isn't very thick it doesn't pick up as much as a thicker mask would. Unless you apply a thicker coat and leave for longer; you would have to repeat this process to remove more black heads and dead skin. The Revuele masks claims it leaves the skin looking matte and I have found this to be true; it's something I personally do not like as I prefer the soft, dewey look but I'm sure many people would love having matte skin.
The Shills peel off mask is priced at £9.99; double the price of the Revuele mask. Unlike the Revuele mask, the Shills peel off mask uses activated bamboo charcoal which acts pretty much like a magnet to draw out the most deeply-rooted impurities. This mask also uses naturally-derived ingredients such as: calendula, rosemary and grapefruit help to rebalance and restore a glowing complexion. I preferred this aspect than the Revuele because it left my skin looking glowing and bright instead of leaving the matte look. 

As mentioned above, this mask had a lot more of a thicker consistency than the Revuele peel off mask; although it did take longer to dry, I found I had removed more blackheads and dead/dry skin than the other mask. Is this because of the ingredients in this mask or because it's a thicker consistency? Who knows.

Overall I loved both masks; I enjoyed using the Revuele mask because it takes less time to dry but still did the job of removing dry/dead skin and clogged pores. However, I absolutely loved how the Shills mask left my skin feeling silky smooth and brightening. So it all comes down to preference; do you prefer a glowing complexion or a matte complexion? And are you in a rush to remove your mask?

This post features product(s) which I was sent for review purposes however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Great review, I have been wanting to try the shills one for a while now

  2. I really want to try a peek off mask so I think I'll have to give one of these a go! X


  3. I've never actually used a face mask before, but I'm very tempted to try the Shills one! It seems like the perfect product to treat my skin and give it a little bit of TLC.



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