How Blogging Has Helped Me

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Good Morning!
I hope you're having a lovely week.

Recently I was going through my blog comments when I was in a pretty rubbish mood and so many comments included the words "this post helped me" whether they were in that order, or in a completely different order; it was four words which were said on a regular basis within my comments. It was in that moment reading through everyone's comments how much I realised how blogging has helped me, as much as it has helped other people reading my blog. 

Blogging has helped me in many different ways, as much as it would other people (at least I hope it would). When I started blogging I didn't realise it would make a difference to my life. I didn't know I'd meet some incredible people nor did I know I'd have the opportunity to work with some of these people. And of course this is something which I realised extremely soon after blogging.

However something I didn't think would effect me what so ever when it came to blogging is how it has improved my overall confidence in myself. I've gone from writing extremely short posts with rubbish pictures or no pictures at all; to writing posts from as personal as you could possibly get to sponsored posts with pictures which I absolutely love to take. They may not be everyone's cup of tea but I love them because they're simplistic and pretty much represent me as a person. I didn't have the confidence at the beginning and I definitely didn't think I was capable at keeping up with a blog; but here I am.

I've learnt in the past year not to give a shit about the bitchiness which occurs on Twitter and other social media. Bitchiness is something which happens everywhere; I know that and sometimes not every blogger is going to get along regardless of the fact they do the same thing. Did you get along with everyone at school, college. or university? Of course you didn't and it's the same for blogging. We don't all have to get along. Bitchiness on Twitter is going to happen and you will scroll through your feed thinking "oh my god, what's happened now"; but I've learnt to ignore it, mute the people that are occurring in the bitchiness the most often and to carry on doing what I'm doing. Although I've had to deal with worse things in my life, blogging has been one of those roller coasters which represents every situation which has gone on beforehand; how there will always be bitches and it's up to you whether you choose to ignore the situation or get involved. I myself prefer to ignore it; and if you're fed up with it, you should ignore it too.

Blogging helped me realise what I'm capable of and I believe if you be yourself, you can be anything and that's what it all comes down to; being yourself. Blogging helped me to realise how people will follow a certain person or certain few people and that's when you realise a lot of blogs and Instagram's are very very similar; but why follow when you can be different? If you just be yourself, you'll be recognised more for what you're doing, not for what everyone else is doing and this is something which I don't think many people realise. 

Let me know how blogging has helped you.

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. blogging has helped grow my confidence so much too, as well as push me to create better images and improve my writing! i genuienly don't know what i'd do without my blog now, it's my favourite hobby!

    haha yeah i also scroll through twitter drama a LOT (not gonna sometimes whip the popcorn out!!) but i steer clear of wading into things and adding more fuel to the fire...had enough of my fair share of all that nonsense at school - not interested in it now!

    katie. xx


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