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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

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Something I have been investigating with recently is the electrical side of skincare; something I've never adventured into until earlier this year. I started using a mask which included blue and red lights inside it to prevent and get rid of acne; this thing worked; I couldn't believe it and I still use it now (I should really share with you what it is but off the top of my head, I do not have a clue; apologies). Since trying the mask I have also tried the Magnitone BareFaced cleansing brush; another product which I absolutely love and has made a complete difference to the way my cleansers work; also a product I love dearly. 

Sensse Beauty is another brand which is insane when it comes to their electronic beauty products; I love the range so much. I saw this on their website and I couldn't help but share it with you guys here on my blog too; I know you'll love it "SENSSE ™ (NOUN.) INTRUETIVE BEAUTY".

On the Sensse website they express: "Sensse brings you a skincare routine that understands your skin’s needs and is designed especially for you. When your skin looks good, you feel good and you’re ready to show the world your beauty" which pretty much sums up how their skincare range works and how fabulous it really is. 

I have been using three Sensse products for way over probably two months now and the difference it has made to my skincare routine is surprising. Although it seems like a rather long process to be using at least three electronic skincare products every day or every other day; the results are what make it worth the long and timely process. I'm always looking for a better skincare routine to improve my skin so I'm not complaining how long it may take; our skin is important.
 The first product I started trying out was the Sensse Suction Cleaner Black Head Remover which is £49.99. The main aim of this product is to remove dead skin, dirt out of your pores and any excess oils to improve and prevent acne. There are so many great aspects to this product as well; there are three heads to choose from depending if you want to get into the nooks of your nose or if you want to do a wider area; the suction cleaner is waterproof so you can take it anywhere you like without worrying about it breaking. If you're forgetful like me, there is also an auto shut off which prevents the battery from dieing; however it does come with a charging station meaning you do not have to fuss around with batteries.

When I started using the Suction Cleaner I was extremely confused on the concept of it and how it actually works; I found my face was just appearing very red because I was only keeping it on one certain area which you're not supposed to do. After a while I soon got to grips with it and I think it's fantastic for the nose area as that's where I mostly have dry skin and horrible pores.
 We then have the Sensse Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush which is £39.99. This is personally my favourite because of the colour; how small the brush is and the cutest glittery bag which it comes with to keep it safe! The cleansing brush has been made to give thousands of pulsations per minute to gently remove dirt oil, makeup residue, and dry dead skin leaving your face feeling clean and rejuvenated; looking like you have younger skin. Of course with this cleansing brush you do not have to worry about keep changing brush heads etc; because it is a medical grade silicone; it's antibacterial and gentle enough for even those with extremely sensitive skin.

I have been applying my cleanser onto my face without rubbing it in, and using this brush to then blend and exfoliate the cleanser into my skin. Once I have finished, I then use a cotton pad to remove any excess and that's all that I need to do! Although this brush doesn't get around your eyes easily; its great for a quick swipe over your whole face when you're in a rush. 
 Last but not least is the Sensse Eye Massager which is also £39.99. The eye massager has been created to not only help and prevent wrinkles and fine lines but to prevent and decrease acne too. By using this underneath your eyes; you'll appear to see a difference in the brightness and overall appearance of how your under eye area looks. The eye massager uses the LED therapy which the mask uses which I mentioned at the start of this post; by using the lights these reach deep into your your skin to reduce dark circles and puffy/tired eyes. By using this every night you'll start to see a difference.

I love the way this eye massager works; it has two sensors on the product itself, one on the tip and one on the side; unless you have you finger on the sensor on the side and the tip on where ever you want to use the product; it will not work. A great way to save battery. Sadly these do not use a USB to charge them either. I love how the massager uses the blue and red LED lights in the same way my mask does; seeing results from the mask I knew instantly this would work. It gives off similar vibrations as the cleansing brush which feels weird to begin with underneath your eyes but you start to get used too it.
Overall if you're looking for clearer and more vibrant skin; I recommend checking out Sensse and trying out their electronic products. Trying out new and different electronics has made such a difference to my skincare routine and the way my skin now looks; I have a healthier glow and I very rarely have a spot on my face, I love it!

This post features product(s) which were sent to me for review purposes however all opinions are my own.

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Kimberley Jessica


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