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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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I don't know about you, but when it comes to being a student my back or shoulders are forever killing; bags are heavy, especially as a girl. A brand I came across back in June is Cabin Zero; a brand which provides bags in suitcase sizes, but as a ruck sack; they're stylish, they're comfortable and they hold enough rubbish for you to go away for even a week. I love them!

What's great about Cabin Zero is how they provide so many different sizes of bags; from 28 litres to 44 litres. A size to suit everyone's needs. It's like having a large cushion on your back instead of a hard suitcase, providing you with all of the space you need in the lightest way possible.
Cabin Zero provide all of the colours you need in a bag; from grey, black navy to the brightest colours you can think of. I absolutely love the Lipe Blue 36 litre bag; it's a turquoise blue with pink straps; versatile for both men and women; even my boyfriend can pull it off!
Have you ever carried a rucksack for a whole day that it has completely and utterly killed your back and your shoulders? Yep, me too! On so many occasions. So me and Luke took the Cabin Zero 36 litre bag to the test on a trip round a Zoo; a blimming long day! Not only were we carrying our lunch, my camera and all the essentials you need on a day trip, but we were also carrying six 3 litres of water too. From being able to adjust the straps and also have padded shoulders; we didn't have the issue of sore shoulders on this day trip. 
The 36 litre bag includes all of the features the 44 litre bag has; a large pocket on the inside and two smaller zipped pockets on the inside with a larger section underneath. A perfect way to separate all of your little bits and bobs so they do not get lost at the bottom of your bag. 
If you're looking to get your hands on a larger size bag for your travels or even popping to University; check out Cabin Zero for comfort and convenience. You can also get 10% off using the code "CZKIMBERLEYJESS" which will last for three months; so you have time to think about it or even get a little present for your friends or family at Christmas.

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