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Saturday, September 02, 2017

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It's time for another back to University post and today I am going to share with you a range of products which you can get your hands on from Paperchase which will make things so much easier for you when you're back at University. I absolutely love everything mentioned in this post; I could rave on about them all day and stationery in general. I'm not sure about anyone else but I still have just under a month until I go back to University (I go back around the last week of September) which means I still have loads of time to get prepared, even though I was prepared months ago! So throughout the next month I am going to be sharing with you posts just like this to get you prepared for University with everything you need.

So lets get too it;
I am absolutely in love with the Agenzio Large Silver Notebook which you can personalise with anything you want! What attracted me to this notebook the most compared to any others was mainly the colour; the orangey/red elastic strap on silver; I think it's classy but trendy too. I have to be honest, it would look perfect in blog pictures too! The notebook contains 240 pages in total and each page is lined; absolutely perfect! I prefer lined pages over blank any day; I find the pages look so much neater. Not only is this your standard notebook, but it comes with a pocket at the back for you to store loose bits of paper which you don't want to loose while walking around from lecture to lecture.
Now here's my true love; the paperback. This is the A5 thick bored notebook which can also be personalised. I genuinely love this notebook the most out of the two because of the soft, leather look cover; it's flexible and I don't know what it is about flexible notebooks but I prefer them so much more than a hardback; pretty much the same with books too. This notebook contains 324 pages of ruled paper also; giving you more pages than the other notebook but of course, they're smaller! This notebook would be perfect as a smaller notebook to jot down notes during lectures or you can use it as a journal at University.
 Here's to the start of the Glamingo range; the cutest name in the world! This is the Glamingo Desk Pad to jot down everything you need to do on a daily basis from planning a reward, how much water your drinking to planning what you're going to get done during each day. In total there are 52 tear off sheets so unfortunately it will not last you the whole year! But of course if you do love it, it gives you a reason to splurge on more stationery.
 I absolutely love a list pad and in total there are two Glamingo List Pads with a pen included! I use a list pad on a daily basis; and this has been my go to list throughout the Summer and I'm sure it will be throughout the rest of my degree as well. I absolutely love this not only because it's beautiful and colourful but because it has the circles at the end to tick jobs off once you've done them. The paper is great quality; you can throw this around your room and the paper doesn't tare off; I just overall love it and it is perfect for anyone who is obsessed with making lists just as much as I am.
 Of course every student needs a huge selection of sticky tabs and Paperchae has you covered with a set of 12 different colours; a total of 600 Multi Sticky Tabs. I use sticky tabs for nearly everything but mainly for bookmarking pages in my University books for certain topics when I need to refer back to them when it comes down to writing my essay and getting quotes etc. By the time I'm done going through my Uni books, I usually have around 30-50 in each book; they look crazy! But they're so handy and I am loving how vibrant these ones are.
I absolutely love making my notes bright and colourful and Paperchase stock the most beautiful pastel gel pens with 12 colours in total. I find it so difficult just to have a plain page of notes from a lecture with absolutely no colour on what so ever, I need to put colour on my page some how. The gel pens are absolutely perfect for that! They're fine; they're so smooth to write or draw with and they are pastel; so pretty. I personally love these because of my studygram but I am absolutely loving the quality of them. If you colour code your lecture notes; you need to get your hands on these!
Of course you always need something to put all of your pens, pencils, rulers etc into and what else do you want than an ombre pencil case which says "I am fabulous" on it; I am obsessed; this is coming to University with me every single day. I honestly don't think I'm fabulous but this pencil case reminded me so much of an MP lady which came to my house to get me to vote for her and all she kept saying was "well I'm so fabulous"... Everyone should think they're fabulous within and that's why I'm embracing the fabulous life with a gorgeous pinky/blue/purple pencil case! I love the style with this one too and it's like a tardis; fits so much in.
I have been absolutely loving the Glamingo range and over bits and pieces from Paperchase because of how photographic they are; I love anything bright and colourful! If you've never bought from Paperchase before, I recommend their stationery for the quality of their products. Paper is so much thicker compared to other brands I've found and with the notepads; I've found with some brands, the paper tares off quite easily however with Paperchase you have to pull it off to be able to remove it which is so much better quality overall!

What's your favourite product from Paperchase?

This post features product(s) which were sent to me for review purposes however all opinions are my own.

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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