Weekly Round Up #24

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Good Morning!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I don't know about anyone else but I absolutely love September because it is always a busy month with a lot of exciting things happening; I go back to work and University, Autumn pretty much starts half way through the month and it's time to start thinking about Autumn or back to University blog posts and I absolutely love it all. However, the past week has been incredibly manic; and this week will be too.

Something I haven't mentioned yet here on my blog is "what's happening now" with my headaches. I spoke about my daith piercing to try and help them and I've mentioned how I suffer with daily headaches/migraines previously and I know my posts have been helpful to some. But what about now? I'd say back in March/April I went back to my doctor and explained how I needed them to do more; what they had done was not enough and when I saw my neurologist back in February 2015, well he did nothing and I wasn't happy. So lets say 4-5 months down the line I saw a new neurologist and told him absolutely everything. From my neurologist appointment I was put on new medication which I had to stop taking after nine days due to stomach/chest pains, I was being sent to go to the sleep clinic and I was being sent for a brain scan. It was just the case of waiting for the letters to come through. Well the time has come to have all of these tests done. 

Last week I had to have my sleep test, luckily I got to do it at home though. I drove to the hospital last Tuesday, picked up the machine and came home again; slept with it on and took it back to the hospital the next day. Easy peasy. But not so much. I had the worst sleep going. Imagine having something on your wrist and finger and being told to sleep normally; you can't. You're always conscious that it's there. Today is the day of my brain scan/MRI. I am absolutely bricking it but it's necessary so I'll get through it.

What else has made my week so busy? University! I don't think getting ready for University can be any more busier. I'm one of those students that likes to go and collect or buy my University books for the whole semester and then take them back in January but of course that means arranging a day to go and collect them. Not from one University, but from two; in two different places. On Monday not only did I had a great shopping trip but I also picked up half of the books from where I go to University, as well as my results from last year (Apart from the work they lost). Back again on Saturday I went to the main University and picked up the rest of the books I needed which I couldn't get at my University; including another cheeky shopping trip to Primark and Poundworld; yay!

I do not think there was a day last week where I wasn't doing anything whatsoever. I worked, I drove a lot and gosh I was tired but it's quite nice always being busy at the same time. However, I am looking forward to a lazy day where I can just look after myself.

How has the past week been for you? Let me know!

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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