Halloween With B&M

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Good Morning.
I hope you're having a fantastic start to the halloween weekend.

It's only fair to share a Halloween themed post with you around this time of the year. Last year I went all out and shared a fair few baking recipes with you to create Halloween themed cakes etc however this year I decided not to go down that route. B&M kindly gave me the opportunity to go to my local B&M store to pick up whatever I wanted from the Halloween range with £20. So these products are completely affordable for anyone who may be on a budget or simply wants to add a few Halloween touches to their home or bedroom.

So lets get too it;
 Firstly we have the Haribo Scaremix Duo Tub. This was just £2.99. I have seen so many people on Social Media picking this tub of sweets up, I just had to find it for myself! I love the tub and it's definitely one I won't be binning. I'm having a Halloween day tomorrow with my boyfriend watching as many Halloween films as we can in one day so I'm looking forward to tucking into these while we do so.
 We then have the Halloween candle holder with a spider garland. This was £5.99 however I believe it has now gone down in price to either £1.99 or £2.99! So get it whilst you can. I absolutely love this because the garland is detachable so you can still use the candle holder all year round. It's a perfect holder for tea lights or for the short stubby candles which do not come in a holder (I'm not entirely sure what they are called, but I have loads of them!).
We then have the 25 pack of Skull Lights for £2.99. They also sold these as Pumpkins however my store had sold out but I definitely would have picked them up if they were on the shelf. I think these are the cutest! They're so tiny and to be honest, if you're a fan of skulls you could have these up all year round. The only downside to them is how they're battery operated instead of having a plug.
 We then have another Halloween candle! This was just £3.99. I absolutely love B&M candles and they have some brilliant candles in at the moment for Christmas and Autumn; we all know what they are as they've been flying around Instagram for the past couple of weeks. I personally think this candle smells like Christmas spices but I'm not complaining about that! It means I can use this all the way up to Christmas instead of just for Halloween.
Last but not least is the Peeping Skeleton for just £5.99. I absolutely loved this as it sits in your window and looks as creepy as heck! I'm planning on putting this in my boyfriend's nan's bedroom when she's out. Sounds harsh but I know she'll absolutely love it when she sees it! I think if I saw this as a child when I least expected it, I would have definitely had a fright. 

Make sure to head over to your local B&M store before the Halloween range completely goes out of stock; they have some great things in whether you're on a budget or whether you plan on having a Halloween party

This post features product(s) which were paid for for review purposes however all opinions are my own.

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. I love shops like B&M - they always have really great Halloween stuff for affordable prices. And lots of selection when it comes to sweets!


  2. This looks like such fun! I love Halloween and have always wanted to throw a party! Your table looks great :)
    Halloween in UK


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