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Saturday, October 14, 2017

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Starting a dissertation can be a little bit tiring, stressful and also quite anxious at the same time; knowing you have so many time frames and deadlines to juggle around your social life and/or work. Not only that, it's also the process of trying to decide what your dissertation is going to be about, what your title will be and then deciding what your chapters are going to be too; it's a long process which takes a long time to complete and achieve.

As a third year student, I've been planning my dissertation since May; I changed my mind three times in total about what my dissertation would be about and what my question would be but by August, I had my final decision. I also chose my chapters for my dissertation in June which made the process a little bit easier; I knew I didn't have to worry about these areas in October when my tutors start asking us what we want to do so we can get our proposal form completed.

The first process of a dissertation is completing your proposal form and ethical application form and the ethics quiz too (if your university uses this process). It's a process which I think should be completed within a week or two, but for some reason my University thinks it takes a month or over to do this. 

Then it's starting your dissertation; the research, the methodology and analysing your findings. I personally do not have to do this process as my dissertation is only based on secondary research which makes it a huge literature review; but I know many other universities use primary research as an alternative way of doing your dissertation.

The hardest part about starting a dissertation is know how to start; if you have never done it before, you're not going to have a clue (like myself). If you know anyone who has done a dissertation in the same way you're having to do yours (either primary or secondary research), try and ask someone for their advice. Sadly I haven't been able to do this as I do not know anyone who has done a dissertation primarily on secondary research.

If you have good tutors, they will also be there to support you through this part of starting your dissertation. That's if they can be bothered (I know mine can't). Remember, if you're stuck; ask someone. A tutor, a friend or even someone who might have an idea but isn't necessarily your tutor. 

If you have any questions about starting a dissertation; pop me a comment!

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