Weekly Round Up #30

Monday, October 30, 2017

Good Morning!
I hope you had a fantastic Halloween weekend.

I don't know about anyone who's reading this who has just been on half term, but I'm really not ready to go back to studying and working! Another week off, or maybe even two would be perfect. I was one of those grannies who stayed indoors all weekend under blankets and duvets watching movies. I'm not sure if anyone else did this, but I thoroughly enjoyed being in the warmth instead of outside in the cold! However, during the weekend I did finally carve my pumpkins and they look insane! Make sure to check out my personal Instagram (@kimmcpherson_) to check them out! 

I've been going on and on recently over on my twitter about getting a MacBook Air, how much I've wanted one and whether it's worth getting one or not and I finally caved in and bought one. Right now I'm not entirely sure why people rave on about them apart from how slimming beautiful they are and how quick they are to load things. I've found Sims 4 runs so much quicker and smoother on a Mac than through Windows. 

However if you have a MacBook Air and there are some incredible apps out there which you recommend to me, please let me know as right now it's still the basics! I'm slowly getting round how to use my MacBook and how everything works; I'm not quite there yet, although it's a slow process I know I'll get there within a week!

The past week has been absolutely incredible, being able to wake up whenever I want to and actually have a lay in is everything. Although it's not easy going back into the routine of waking up at 7am every day. Having a week off from pretty much all of my University work will also be a challenge to get back into. It was nice being so far ahead I was able to take a step back and not do much (I did finish one thing off, but it didn't take long on a Friday night).

Let me know what you got up to in your half term if you got one.

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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