Why I'm Sick Of What People Think

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Good Morning!
I hope you're having a great start to the weekend.

After having a pretty shitty week I really wanted to speak about why people's opinions and what they think are completely irrelevant and why it's important to ignore what people say. As someone who has gone through hell and back at school, I know exactly how it feels and what the experience is of having someone talk about you behind your back, slag you off and make you feel like complete and utter crap. But when you leave school; this thing happens called maturity and most of the time it happens to everyone but sometimes, even when people grow into their 20s it still doesn't hit.

At college I was slagged off because I would go into college, complete my essays in an hour or so and go home usually by 11 or 12. I wanted to be at home so I would do whatever it took to go home as quickly as possible while also getting through college. Although the majority of us were 17/18 with a couple of 20/21 year old's most of the girls were still very immature and I began to accept that as I finished my first year.

Going into University I thought it would be a complete fresh start as everyone was 19 or older; even with a lot of people in their late 20s or even in their 40s. I expected to be learning in a lovely environment with people who had similar interests as me as we were all paying to learn the same thing. However, as I started my first year this definitely wasn't the case. I had problems with people who were 26, if not older which made the beginning of my university experience pretty crap too.

I'm now in my third and final year at University, I've put up with the shitty comments through all of my years in education and yet people are still making comments when they shouldn't feel the need to say them out loud. 

Why do people think it's completely okay to complain about a situation when they only have themselves to blame? I'm so sick of being spoken about because I'm doing the work when I'm supposed to be; surely if you're paying £7000-£9000 a year; you would want to do the work and make the most of your time in your lectures, I mean I'm not the only one am I with this common sense?! 

This week some people on my course thought it would be okay to complain about our tutor speaking to the individuals who had completed the first stage of the dissertation (the ethical approval stage), instead of spending time to begin with, with the people who hadn't done jack shit. I don't know about you, but I'd personally rather spend my time with someone who's bothering to do the work than someone who just looks bloody lazy. In this situation, if you're stuck usually the simple thing to do is to contact your tutor and explain that you're stuck and need a little bit of support; but clearly not, this is using too much initiative for some people which I really cannot understand.

Why are people so interested in what I'm doing and feel the need to complain to others about what I'm doing. Instead of thinking about what they are doing and what they are doing only. It baffles me. 

Someone please explain this lack of competence to me and complete and utter rudeness from Adults...

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. Ah Kimberly, I feel you girl. Sounds like it's been a hard week. I found that in university as well that some people don't really move on from high school and can say quite horrible comments. Keep your head up girl and hopefully those people will learn from it at some point.
    Holly x | http://www.thechroniclesofholly.com/ | https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/chronicles-holly-13610625


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