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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Good Morning!

I am back again for the 5th day of Blogmas and I'm bringing you another Christmas gift guide! I am absolutely loving seeing everyone's gift guides at the moment, and even more so enjoying putting mine together for you to all enjoy. I'm personally not using anyone's gift guides of ideas for presents as I finished off my Christmas shopping around a month ago; but I love seeing how creative everyone gets. 

Something I really struggled with this year is narrowing down my Christmas gift guides before they get too long. There has been SO many things that I have seen online which I know so many people will love but we'd be here forever if I put it all in.

So lets get too it;
Firstly we have the Baylis And Harding Fuzzy Duck Christmas Wash Bag Set for £12.50 instead of £25. I absolutely love this, regardless of the fact it's red! I personally love red, but at the same time it isn't my favourite colour. You'll only see me wearing red at Christmas or for a job for instance; otherwise it's not my colour to wear. But I know someone who will absolutely love this; having the red velvet cosmetic/wash bag and the products inside; it's a bargain if you ask me.
Secondly we have the Lily England hanging wash bag for £15. I have just started using this as a makeup bag and I think it's absolutely perfect. You can organise your makeup into different sections (eyes, face, lips) etc to keep it all tidy; you'll know exactly where to find everything, instead of digging through a normal makeup bag. Or you can use this as a wash bag to travel with as it has the hanging hook at the top to hang onto the back of a door etc. It's a great price for such a gorgeous, useful product.
We then have the Lily England Marble Hair Brush Set for £20, another favourite of mine. I absolutely love their standard rose gold set of hair brushes but this takes marble obsession to another level. If you love marble, then you need to get your hands on this set of hair care products; or even put it on your Christmas wish list!
The Technic VIP Mirror isn't online yet but it will be soon, don't you worry! Are you looking for a mirror which you can carry around with you in a bag, or even in an overnight bag? Then this one's for you, it's small, slim and is magnified on one side so you can even see your tiniest pores if your really wanted to! I'm sure this product will be a great price and as soon as it's online, I'll update this post!
Lip balm is a complete saviour around this time of year and of course you need to include this as a gift for someone. So I chose to share with you the Mad Beauty slush puppie lip balm set for £9.99; it's vintage, it's traditional and oh the flavours sound absolutely incredible. I can't wait to try them all out. If you know someone who has a lip balm in every single bag and pocket, then they need to get their hands on this.
Can we really have a gift guide without perfume? I am loving the Change by Lisa Riley Fragrance for £14.99; it's an absolutely beautiful scent and although it's not your standard brand you'd find in a fragrance shop, it's definitely worth checking out. Now, I absolutely suck when it comes to describing scents, but all I can say it it's amazing and perfect for day time and night time.
Is it really Christmas without some sort of skin care? So I chose the Sukin Love Your Skin Sensitive Skin Gift Set for £25; it's natural, it's perfect for sensitive skin or even all skin types in fact and we all know how great Skin is for their skincare! If you're not into smellies at Christmas but you love taking care of your skin, then this needs to be on your Christmas list.
I absolutely love my personalised necklaces from Necklace and so I had to share these with you. These Onecklace personalised necklaces for £26 each are a bargain right now and you can even get 10% off if you sign up too. You can get these in a range of sizes, with two different styles of chain to choose from and of course you can get them in gold if you'd prefer. Onecklace have a great range to choose from and they're so easy to buy from too!
The ProBlo CURL ME 6 brush starter kit for £35 is a product worth getting your hands on. Do you want curly hair or know someone who does but can't be bothered to sit their and curl it? Well Problo does it all for you. I find this so much more intriguing and fun than the standard old rollers which people used donkeys years ago; it's more of a specialised tool which does the hard work for you. 
Christmas is a time for a heck load of food and Bakerdays has you covered; you can create your own cake over on the link here:  Bakerdays Letter Box Christmas Cake for £14.99. Or there are so many more styles to choose from. I wanted something a little bit different and I had to get Willow involved in the making of this cake. There are four different flavours to choose from, thousands of designs and you can choose exactly when you want the cake to be delivered.
I absolutely love Bespoke designs and these are the cutest gifts for anyone who loves a drink; the Bespoke verse Coasters for £4 each and Never too busy for fizzy mug for £12. For a high quality coaster and mug, it's a price which you can't really refuse. It's unique, and you won't find them anywhere else. So if you have a loved one or friend who loves a drink, or even something specific; get on over to Bespoke Verse to check out their range!
 I had to mention the Gourmet Brownie mixed box for £26. Do you know a chocoholic or someone who just loves brownie (that's me), then they need this box of brownie! There are seven different flavours (you'll receive two of one flavour) and they last for a good few weeks! I can safely say from my heart that these brownies are absolutely gorgeous, especially the peanut butter; oh my! It's to die for.
Burts Bees is that one brand which screams out Christmas with their packaging and this year they have the Burts Bees Bag of Treats for £16.99. Bringing you the cutest makeup/travel bag, two of their lip balms, a body lotion and a tinted lip balm; the perfect solution to this cold weather when your lips are chapped and your skin is dry. 
What is Winter without a bath?Who know as I don't have one but I know so many of you do. I am loving the Mad Beauty Bambi Bath Fizzers for £7.99. They're cute, the packaging is absolutely adorable and these would be the perfect gift for an adult or even a child/teenager. I'm sure any girl (or guy) would love them! I have fallen in love with them just because of the packaging so these for sure will be a huge winner!
Of course we all love smellies and TJ Hughes has us covered with this with the Baylis and Harding Toy Soldier Set for £8. I LOVE the scent of the products in this set. Providing you with a shower gel, shower creme and a body lotion; everything you need to smell amazing and keep your skin feelings soft, silky and smelling great. If you're not a fan of sweet smells then this wouldn't be for you, but for any strawberry or sweet scented lovers out there; you need to give this a go!
Last but not least we have the Radley Bayer Rose Gold watch for £130. I am absolutely in love with this watch; it's beautiful and perfect for anyone who is a huge fan of rose gold, like myself. I love the personal touch of the Radley dog charm to this watch, and it's a perfect fit regardless of the size of your wrist, both me and my mum can wear this watch! An absolutely stunning piece to add to your accessory collection.

What's your favourite gift from this gift guide this year? I'd love to know!

This post features product(s) which were sent to me for the purpose of this gift guide however all opinions are my own.

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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