Christmas Wrapping

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Good evening,
I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Wrapping presents is my favourite thing to do around this time of year, although I do tend to wrap all of my presents in October/November. But I just love it! To the point I buy more presents so I have something to wrap in December; oops. Pretty Gifted kindly gave me the opportunity to design and create my own wrapping paper for this year. You can buy one sheet, three sheets or five sheets so depending what you're looking to wrap, depends on the amount you buy! I personally would prefer a roll, but this isn't an option. But I found it absolutely perfect for those sentimental gifts which you wanted to stand out underneath the Christmas tree.

I'm sure someone is looking at the picture right now thinking "chuffie, chuffer, what the hell is that"; that's mine and Luke's cute little nicknames for each other. Although right now, he's currently my Chuffie McChuffer Nut. I wanted something which I could use again and again for birthday, valentines day, anniversaries and Christmas; instead of writing Happy Christmas all over it, I made mine a little bit different.

The quality of this wrapping paper is absolutely incredible, it's thick, luxury and you can even rip tape off it without wrecking the paper too; I LOVE IT! When it comes to designing your paper, you have so many backgrounds to choose from, as well as fonts, colours and everything else you can imagine. You can even include symbols on the paper if you'd like too. It's completely personalised. 

If you're looking for something that little bit extra underneath your Christmas tree this year, I 100% recommend checking out Pretty Gifted to create your own wrapping paper for that special someone this year.

This post features product(s) which were sent to me for review purposes however all opinions are my own.

I'll see you soon

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  1. This is such a cute idea, I love the concept of creating your own paper, makes everything more special! 100% checking this out! <3


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