Staying Safe Throughout Winter Weather

Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Of course, yesterday I did not share a post due to commitments with University and deadlines and that's exactly why this is a second post going live today! Woop! Two in one; what any person might want! So for day 14 of Blogmas I am providing you guys with an exciting opportunity to try and win £200 to spend on Lookfantastic; everyone's favourite place to get anything and everything.

Go Girl, a Young Driver insurance company is running a competition just in time for Christmas and all you have to do is fill in a few details about yourself to be entered into the draw. It's amazing! And this prize draw is just in time for Christmas too; who knows what you could pick up with £200 for your loved ones or even yourself. Just make sure to enter by the 20th! 

But it's not just about winning £200, it's about staying safe throughout winter if you are a driver, or even a young or new driver. 

I cannot express how important it is to make sure your car is safe to drive in the cold, snow or ice. Tyres are a huge impact on your car and the way in which it handles in difficult conditions. If you're tyres are flat, you won't get any grip when you're sliding across the ice and have absolutely no idea what to do in this situation. I know I'm absolutely dreading driving on ice or in the snow for the first time and that's exactly why insurance is so important; if things go wrong, they are their to help and often have options to add on breakdown cover with companies like the RAC or similar.

So many car insurers offer different policies and some are actually quite shocking when you look at the finer details. However Go Girl is a company which I love the sound of, their comprehensive cover offers you £100 of personal belongings cover and up to £200 in handbag cover; as long as your bag was out of site in your car. So even if you do crash your car throughout this poor weather, you'll have this cover to back you up!

Something I also didn't realise is how some insurers provide you with student insurance; what?! Go Girl is another one of these companies which offers absolutely everything, for everyone up to the age of 24; perfectly suitable for all of my readers (or the majority).

Are you making sure your car is safe enough to drive through the Winter period?

This is a paid for collaboration however all opinions are my own.

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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