Lily England's New-ish Marble Release

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Good Morning!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Better late than never, I'm finally getting around to sharing with you the most incredible hair brush set in the world. I know, you're probably wondering how a hair brush can be wonderful, but the fact it's marble and rose gold just makes it that much better. I'm joking, or am I? But for a paddle hair brush, I am very impressed with how smooth this brush glides through my hair without finding any knots or tangles like a cheaper brush does from a pound shop; I would definitely say the price makes a different, regardless of the fact that these are the most beautiful brushes ever made. 
The set includes a large paddle brush to smooth and detangle hair, a barrel brush to blow dry and add volume, a comb which is perfect for wet hair or back combing and off course, two beautiful rose gold clips for sectioning. A set which includes pretty much every single tool you will need to style your hair in one way or another (without the electronic side of it). 
I tend to use the paddle brush as an every day brush, just because these brushes are the best for my type of hair; curly, thick and generally quite tangly if the wind makes its way too it. I've found paddle brushes so much more comfortable to use on my hair, as a normal, smaller brush makes the tangles absolutely kill when trying to brush them out. To the point I end up asking my mum to brush my hair for me because it's that painful. With this brush, I do not have these problems.

I haven't got round to using the paddle brush yet, because after wrapping at least half of my hair round a paddle brush when I was younger, I tend to stay away from them! However, I know these are a huge favourite of my mum's for drying hair.
I use the comb after washing my hair to reduce any tangles before going in with my paddle brush to dry my hair. And whether I am straightening or curling my hair, I'll use the sectioning clips to section back pieces I have already styled, or bits of hair which I'm clipping back away from my face so I am able to style the rest. These clips also look so pretty just for clipping back some of your hair. I tend to clip back my fringe with these!

Lily England is such a stylish company, everything they sell is completely and utterly beautiful; a real eye catcher for any girl! For £24.95, it's a set definitely worth purchasing to give you everything you need to style/brush your hair!

What's your favourite brush to use?

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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