Why Self Care Is Important

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Good Afternoon!

As we are all aware, I have been pretty absent the past two months and I cannot explain how great it has felt to step back from my blog and spend more time focusing on myself and my studies. I can completely understand why third year students step away from their blog. However, even till today I'm still struggling with what I would usually get done on a daily basis and jobs and little bits and pieces that I would tend to do every single day, I'm struggling to find the time to do or even the motivation to do them on some days. What is going on?!

When I took January out away from my blog I realised how important self care is and why we should practise self care on a regular basis. And this doesn't mean you need to step away from everything in your life so you can do this. You can practise self care every single evening if this is what you want to do; it's making the time to do it and enjoying taking half an hour or even an hour out of each day or each week to ensure you're giving yourself some care. 

Without a little bit of self care, we'd be a complete mess. I know this from experience of piling job on top of job, on top of job and never taking time out for myself or doing what I love the most. It eventually got to the point where I just felt absolutely shit and I gave up with almost everything and this isn't how you want it to end up. 

If you have been blogging for a long period of time and on a frequent basis too (for example I was blogging every day for two years); then take advantage of having a couple of weeks away from your laptop and away from your blogging social media space; you will not realise how much you needed it until you have it. 

Taking time out and putting more effort into your self care can completely reset your mindset and how your mental frame is working. Spending more time pampering yourself and enjoying the free time you has helps to understand what your body and mind needs before getting to breaking point. Self care gives you that feeling of rest and support at the end of each day, instead of going to bed constantly thinking about what you're going to do next or what you need to get done tomorrow. It slowly calms down your mind and gets you mentally and physically prepared for the next day and it's something that everyone needs.

Do you practise self care often? Or do you forget to do this?

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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