Hello April!

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Good Morning!
I hope you're having a wonderful bank holiday weekend.

As it's the first day of a new month I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to jump back into my blogging routine and start the new month off with a brand new post. I have to say my blog has been quite neglected throughout the beginning of 2018 and I have to apologise for that, but unfortunately my health has to come before my blog. But now that I have finished my degree (woo pwoop), it's time to put my spare time into my blog and make it the best it has ever been.

I want April to be the month of fresh starts, a healthy mindset and a healthy body and that's when fitness and self care will be coming into my blog niche. While it's important to stay healthy in general, I have recently take up knitting and crocheting again after stopping for around two years and I have decided to also bring these two aspects of my life also into my blog. I cannot explain how great crocheting and knitting is for a calm and positive outlook. If you need to de-stress, knit or crochet! That's all I can say. 

In this post I also want to talk about my study gram @kjstudies. Now that my degree has come to an end and I have finished all of my work, I haven't decided what to do with my study gram, whether to keep it or discontinue it, or even change it to something to do with fitness or crocheting/knitting. I would absolutely love to hear your feedback of what you would like me to do with this account, taking into consideration that I will be starting my teacher training in September, so I could bring this into the study gram, who knows?

Happy Easter and I look forward to catching up with you all!

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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  1. Hello! I am finally making time to catch up with bloggers after also feeling a bit neglectful of my work... my excuse is an upcoming house move! I look forward to seeing your self-care posts. I find mindful colouring a very nice therapy when I need me-time. Congratulations on completing your degree :)

  2. My dissertation is due in 2 weeks, any chance you could do a blog post on how you coped and any tips you learnt along the way? Love that your finally back, love reading all your posts :)

    Congratulations on finishing your degree x



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